Former FBI Investigation Expert: Steele Dossier Is So Problematic for FBI It Will Never See a Courtroom Because It Is So Flawed | Joe Hoft


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Former FBI Investigation Expert: Steele Dossier Is So Problematic for FBI It Will Never See a Courtroom Because It Is So Flawed

A former expert in dealing with ‘snitches from the FBI notes that the Steele dossier will never be used in the court of law. The document is so bogus, from such a contaminated source that it would be laughed out of court.

An expert from the FBI provided us some information regarding the Steele dossier. This individual prefers to remain anonymous. This individual used to ‘run snitches’ like Christopher Steele –

Ordinarily, we’d put our snitches on a tight leash anyway because we never trusted them, and the moment they gave you issues, you had to have discussions on whether to keep them around or not because we knew the defense would use that information to discredit that snitch’s testimony in court, and we knew it would be successful. Without corroborating evidence for everything that snitch said, that testimony would be completely useless to us, which meant we had to put that snitch on an even tighter leash than normal if we kept them around.

So then we look to see what sort of tight leash they had Steele on, but it looks like most of the interactions with the FBI were initiated by Steele, not the other way around. What sort of corroborations of his “evidence” were they doing along the way? We see nothing. As a matter of fact, Steele, if he was “credible,” would be dealing with all his same contacts in the FBI, continuing on that relationship, but Steele doesn’t do that. Instead, he goes to an outside source first, Ohr and Gaeta (in Rome who has contacts with the State Department). That’s because Steele burnt his contacts at the FBI, and he needs outside pressure placed on the FBI to get them to take him seriously.

That’s why you know that this dossier will never see the inside of a courtroom because they know that even a paralegal could completely discredit it. Instead of telling the FISA Court that their source was compromised, they instead billed him as a “trustworthy” source. They knew he was compromised, and they knew who was paying Steele, which compromised him even more.

To this day there is no information that anything in the Steele dossier is accurate. The dossier states many things but none are confirmed. It appears all made up. For example, the dossier states that President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was in Prague where he met with Russians before the election. The problem is Cohen states he has never been to Prague and his passport could easily verify this. (It’s suspected that Steele used information on a different Michael Cohen in his report or just made it up. If he did use information on a different Michael Cohen how did he get it?)

The more disturbing point about the dossier is that the FBI used a source that was compromised and even admonished and then fired by the FBI. Also, Steele was paid either directly or indirectly from the Hillary campaign which also totally contaminates the use of the dossier.

The entire Trump – Russia collusion sham should be shut down.

The perpetrators in and outside the government should be locked up or dealt with for treason and sedition. They had no legal reason to create the investigation. This should never happen in the US ever again.

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