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Former AG Bill Barr and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Killed Any Investigation into Michigan Election Fraud Case Before 2020 Election

Steve Bannon at the War Room invited former White House Attorney Andrew Kloster on to discuss the police report recently uncovered related to election fraud before the 2020 Election. 

This report sent shock waves across the Internet on Tuesday.  More information was uncovered on Wednesday and Thursday.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC – Target in 2020 Michigan Police Report Regarding Election Crimes – Was Dissolved in Tennessee in 2017!

Kloster noted that he knew about this investigation in late October 2020.

Eventually the subject was buried in the White House by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and by Bill Barr at the DOJ.

This was breaking news and showed that there were some key players in the government who were not going to let election fraud in the 2020 Election be uncovered or criminally prosecuted.

See the amazing interview below.

After this interview, Joe and Jim Hoft provided updates on the story.

The Hoft Brothers Join Steve Bannon’s War Room to Discuss New Info on GBI Strategies LLC

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