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Forbes Is Officially a Racist Anti-White Far-Left Media Platform

Forbes Whiteness

Forbes used to be a go-to place for reading and understanding current events from an American conservative point of view. Those days are long gone.

I recently had Steve Forbes on my show – He still believes in conservative principles.

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Forbes on Biden Administration “They’re Competent in Their Incompetence”

But conservative America-loving days are over at Forbes online.

The publication is no longer trusted or worth reading. It has been taken over by fascist liberals and racists. Case in point is an article produced by a racist black woman on “Whiteness”.

Twitchy reports:

Janice Gassam Asare, who says she helps “create strategies for more diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI), is here to help us decenter whiteness at work:

White-centering can be thought of as a system that prioritizes white dominant culture to the detriment of non-white groups and cultures. White-centering has been given many names including the white gaze and whiteness as the default. Because white-centering is often left unexamined and unchecked, equity and justice have continued to evade organizations…

The ways that whiteness is centered in the workplace are endless. Given the pervasiveness of this issue, what can be done to start the process of actively decentering whiteness in the workplace?

In short, companies should hire DEI consultants, “integrating objective methods into workplace systems,” and hold employees responsible “if they are causing racial harm.”

Imagine a DEI consultant saying that companies should hire more DEI consultants to ensure that whiteness is decentered.

So sad for Forbes.  It was once great but sadly no longer. 

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