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“FLYNN – Deliver the Truth – No Matter the Cost” – Available for Presale NOW!

“Flynn – Deliver the Truth.  Whatever the Cost” is available for presale now

Q & A’s with General Flynn about the film: 

Why do you want to tell your story now?

[FLYNN] “I have been preparing for over three years now to ensure I was able to bring together the right people to tell my story and given the challenges facing America, this is the right moment for this story to be told”.

What changed you the most during the time this film covers?

[FLYNN] “My faith in the American people grew substantially over the years of persecution that my family and I faced. As much as I needed to rise to the challenge I faced, the American people were there every step of the way to help”.

How did your concept of the American system of justice & security change?

[FLYNN] “My idea about justice was one rule of law for everyone, not just for some. The American system of justice has lost all credibility and principally because of my historic case. Millions of Americans saw what transpired and were so upset at what they witnessed, the institution of justice and those leaders inside of that system will now need to rebuild the confidence of the American people once again”.

How did you feel about opening up your life story for a documentary?

[FLYNN] “There is a rawness the American people will witness from this movie. As a family, we do open up quite a bit about who we are and how we feel about America and most certainly about the corruption in our justice and political systems”.

What is the most important message the American audience should come away with from this film?

[FLYNN] “If the Flynn family can survive this onslaught of attacks by the media, vast government and institutional corruption and a justice system that is out of control, all of America can survive…and we will!”

Why is it so important for everyone to see this movie now, in the context of American history?

[FLYNN] “America is at a crossroads and faces the most historically consequential time in all of U.S. history. This movie exposes so much about the direction of America’s past, present and future. For all those who watch this film, you will walk away with a vastly more complete understanding of what we face and what you can and need to do to get involved”.

What message would you want to say to people who are skeptical about your story?

[FLYNN] “Watch the movie and let me change your mind”.

The movie is available for presale here

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