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Floyd Mayweather Held an Exhibition Fight in Florida and the Real Fight Started After the Fight

Fight breaks out after Floyd Mayweather exhibition fight in Florida. 

Floyd Mayweather held a fight in Southern Florida this weekend and he ended up not being the main event. The real fight started after the fight.

Mayweather is an International Boxing Hall of Famer, who ended his career with a perfect 50-0 record. He had the clear experience edge over Gotti, who had two pro boxing matches going into his tilt with Mayweather. Gotti also entered with a 5-1 pro MMA record…

..Things got testy in the fourth round, with both guys talking trash. Gotti complained about a punch to the back of the head, and Mayweather connected with a right hand. In the fifth round, the trash talk got even more heated between the two.

In the sixth round, referee Kenny Bayless had enough of Gotti’s jaw-jacking with him, the holding he and Mayweather did, and the constant verbal insults between the two. Bayless stopped the fight. After the bout, Gotti approached Mayweather and the two swung punches even after the bell. This led to a brawl between both the Mayweather and Gotti camps.

This was when the real fight started.  The fight was an exhibition fight with the challenger not really attempting to fight Merriweather. This must be part of the agreement or the challenger is just that bad:

Chaos broke out in the ring after the fight:

Another view of the brawl after the brawl labeling the after fight brawlers “vegan beef”:


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