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Florida Legislature Preparing to Pass a Bill Making Questioning of Election Results a Potential Crime

The election process in Florida is a total mess and GOP legislature is making it worse.  

If Ron DeSantis wanted to salvage his political career he would jump on the election integrity bandwagon and lead his state and the country by ensuring all elections are fair and transparent. 

Right now this is needed in Florida and across the country.

In December it was uncovered that Florida’s election systems are being certified based on standards from 2005.  iPhones weren’t even around then and much about systems has changed since then.  This is likely the same across the country.

BREAKING HUGE: Florida Election Systems Are Certified Based on Security Standards and Protocols from 2005

A GOP Group followed this up and determined that Florida’s election systems are not in compliance with federal and state laws.

GOP Group Uncovers that Florida Election Systems Are NOT in Compliance with Federal and State Laws

To address these issues and many more in the election process in Florida, three proposed bills were drafted by concerned citizens in Florida that they believed would address 90% of the election issues in the state.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Proposed Bills to Florida Legislature Will Address Hundreds of Missing Controls in State’s Election Process

Unfortunately, the GOP-led Florida House and Senate decided not to take up bills that address the many issues with Florida’s election systems and processes.

However, the Florida legislature is reviewing one bill related to elections in the state.  This bill (HB 721) which is now in the Senate, will make it a crime to question fraudulent election activities performed by election personnel.  Rather than protect both the observer and the election worker, the bill only protects the latter.  A corrupt election worker could commit a crime, be called out by and observer and then claim that the observer harassed him/her.  Under this bill, the one arrested would be the election observer.  This bill protects corrupt election workers from being held accountable for election crimes.

Here is the wording of the bill:

The people of Florida need to wake up and demand that this bill be stopped as soon as possible. 

There is a huge opening for a good person and politician to address election processes and systems being used across this country.  It’s time that a leader step up and fight for what is right – the sanctity of the election process. 

3 thoughts on “Florida Legislature Preparing to Pass a Bill Making Questioning of Election Results a Potential Crime”

  1. Yes, Florida is a mess.

    But what do you expect when the top politicians are unregistered foreign agents representing the interests of the mass murderers in Israel? The disaster speaks for itself.

    DeSantis has also signed into law that Floridians making purchases out of state had to pay Florida State Sales Tax. He’s facilitating the rise of a super-mega-bureaucracy that features prominently in all failed states.

    Time to take a broom to Fedgov and most (all?) Stategovs.

  2. This is about the people, and replacing them, NOT the process… Many in Florida are calling Tallahassee to demand this be dropped. This defines DeSantis in bold strokes – FAR LEFT Tool.

    You didn’t mention the new chair of the RPOF and Ramba, the consulting group with which he is associated, who lobbied for the passage of 721. David Becker, the ERIC founder, is behind a national lobbying effort through his EOLDN to push all states to adopt totalitarian legislation to silence their citizens. See Miami Independent


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