FLASHBACK: FBI Agent Who Testified in Alex Jones Trial Related to Sandy Hook Likely Violated FBI Code of Ethics | Joe Hoft


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FLASHBACK: FBI Agent Who Testified in Alex Jones Trial Related to Sandy Hook Likely Violated FBI Code of Ethics

New information shows that the FBI Agent who testified in the Alex Jones trial related to Sandy Hook likely possessed blatant Code of Ethics issues.

What was this guy doing testifying at the Alex Jones case regarding the Sandy Hook mass murders?

The Continental Tribune in Connecticut reports today that during the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial the FBI agent who testified likely violated the FBI Code of Ethics.

In an article written by Editor-in-Chief Sally Finck at The Continental Tribune, the following was reported:

WATERBURY—FBI Agent William Aldenberg took the witness stand in the case against Alex Jones’ claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

Aldenberg broke down as he described being among the first law enforcement officers to enter the two classrooms where 20 children died. “Was what you saw in that school fake?” asked attorney Christopher Mattei, one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs.

Aldenberg may have gotten emotional, but there is a glaring conflict of interest: this FBI agent may stand to greatly benefit financially if the plaintiffs win.

The FBI Code of Ethics, under “Conflicts”, first addresses financial conflicts,

“An employee is prohibited from participating in any matter in which he has a financial interest. In addition to an employee’s own financial interest, certain interests are considered his (“imputed” to him)—such as those of his spouse, minor children and business partners. However, an employee may participate in such a matter if he has a waiver.”

Because Aldenberg is a current FBI employee as of September 2022, he should not be on the stand without a waiver from the bureau. However, attorney Mattei never asked him to produce such a waiver.

NPR reported on the agent who apparently teared up during his testimony.

“It’s one of the worst things that ever happened, if not the worst thing that ever happened here, what happened to them,” Aldenberg said. “And people want to say this didn’t happen? And then they want to get rich off of it? That’s the worst part.”

“You know, you can say whatever you want about me, I don’t care,” Aldenberg said. “Just say what you want. I’m a frigging big boy. I can take it. But then they want to make profits, they want to make millions and millions of dollars…”

Editor Finck is correct.  The FBI Code of ethics states:

8. Employees shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.
9. Employees shall protect and conserve Federal property and shall not use it for other than authorized activities.

By speaking in front of the court in the Alex Jones trial, FBI Agent Aldenberg acted impartially.  In addition to that, he didn’t provide any evidence from the FBI that he had a waiver to testify in the case.

The Sandy Hook case is another mass murder where the murderer was on psychiatric drugs produced by Big Pharma and this was covered up so that Big Media could push the fascist left’s anti-gun rhetoric. 

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