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Five Ways Obama Mirrors Communist Hugo Chavez

Obama and Chavez

Obama has compared himself publically to Reagan and said he thinks he’s led a new Reagan revolution. He’s been hailed on the old Continent as a president with almost European sensitivities and worldviews. But, Obama is more like Communist Hugo Chavez than anyone. Here are 5 examples to support this comparison –

 obama and Castro

1 Both Obama and Chavez Support Fellow Communist Thugs – Honduran Dictator Manuel Zelaya and the Communist Cuban Castro Brothers

When the Cuba faced a very serious economic crisis, Obama came to the rescue. He opened up relations with Cuba. Rather than supporting the Cuban people, Obama chose to support the dictators.

Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were quick to admonish the Honduran government when former President Manuel Zelaya attempted to take over the country. Zelaya like Chavez attempted to extend his stay as president which was against Honduras’ constitution. Obama supported this dictator rather than democracy.

2 Anti Freedom of the Press – FOX news

According to Human Rights Watch under Chávez, the government dramatically expanded its ability to control the content of the country’s broadcast and news media. Chavez passed laws extending and toughening penalties for speech that “offends” government officials.

Obama does the same when he assaults FOX News.

3 Assault on Critics – Sheriff Joe and the IRS

Obama Pic

Chávez publicly called for the imprisonment of a judge for 30 years after she granted conditional liberty to a prominent government critic who had spent almost three years in prison awaiting trial, according to Human Rights Watch. The judge, María Lourdes Afiuni, was arrested and spent more than a year in prison in pretrial detention, in deplorable conditions. She’s still under house arrest.

Obama’s Justice Department raided Sheriff Joe’s Arizona office in July 2014. Sheriff Joe has been outspoken about Obama including holding a press conference to announce the birth certificate provided by Obama to the public was a computer generated forgery. Obama’s IRS targeted Tea Party and other groups critical of Obama.

4 Food Lines and Food Stamps

food line-venezuela

The food lines in Venezuela as a result of Chavez’s policies are long.


The numbers of food stamp participants under the Obama administration are at record highs.

5 Government Take Overs

govt motors

Chavez has a long history of government takeovers of oil, gas, agriculture, power, telecommunications and banking firms. This theft occurred for years in support of socialist policies to keep him in power.

Obama on the other hand stole from bondholders their rights when he bailed out the GM and Chrysler unions. In doing so, the administration created uncertainty in the bond market. Bonds were supposed to be safer investments than stocks. But who would want to invest in long-term bonds if the government could step in at any time and void the legal rights of the bond owners?

(the more this comparison is made the more Obama mirrors Chavez)



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