Fired FBI “Slime Ball” Comey Held Meeting with FBI Leadership to Discuss How Leaks Hurt the FBI | Joe Hoft


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Fired FBI “Slime Ball” Comey Held Meeting with FBI Leadership to Discuss How Leaks Hurt the FBI

The IG’s report related to terminated and humiliated former FBI Head Andrew McCabe was released on Friday. (See report here) In the report former FBI Head James Comey reportedly held a meeting with his staff sharing his thoughts on how leaks hurt the FBI. The audacity!

In the DOJ IG’s report released Friday, former FBI Head McCabe and his Special Counsel, Lisa Page, both were reportedly responsible for leaks to the media. The report notes that McCabe lied about leaking a number of times with investigators. Page texted about leaks with the man she was having an affair with at the FBI, Peter Strzok. (Both were later hired and fired by the Mueller team and are now both back working at the FBI.) The DOJ was also responsible for leaks per the report.

The most shocking piece in the IG’s report is the mention of a meeting held by former FBI Director Comey –

On Monday morning, October 31, 2016, Comey held a staff meeting, which Special Counsel attended. According to Special Counsel’s contemporaneous notes, during the meeting Comey said “Need to figure out how to get our folks to understand why leaks hurt our organization.” That same day McCabe and Comey had a face-to-face conversation about the October 30 WSJ article. The accounts they provided to the OIG of this discussion contradicted one another.

Later in June of 2017 in front of Congress Comey admitted to leaking as well –

Obama’s DOJ and FBI were leaking machines. Comey had no business talking about how leaks hurt the FBI. He was a leaker!

A FISA Court report on FISA abuses stated that James Clapper’s NSA had an institutional “lack of candor”. Now it is clear from the DOJ’s IG report that the FBI and DOJ have the same lack of candor. They were institutional leakers.

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