Fired FBI Dirty Cops McCabe and Strzok Using Legal System and Corrupt Media in Last Ditch Effort to Slander President Trump and Prevent Prison Time

Corrupt cops Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, both fired from the FBI, are now suing for wrongful termination. This appears to be their last ditch effort to manipulate the media and abuse the President one more time.

Sean Davis, the co-founder of the Federalist tweeted the following about the recent court actions by fire FBI crooks Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok –

Many Americans have had the same thoughts. Mike Cernovich tweeted that it will be great obtaining all the text messages, emails, discussion notes, etc… from Peter Strzok after his announcement –

The same goes for McCabe.

These two dirty cops believe they are smarter than the rest of America and especially those who voted for President Trump. Their efforts are a signal to their compatriots in the the Deep State that they will stand against justice to the end.

The corruption that Obama disbursed into the legal community was nearly the end of America. A Hillary win would have been a fatal blow.