FEC Allows Democrats to Send Millions to Zombie Companies to Steal Elections | Joe Hoft


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FEC Allows Democrats to Send Millions to Zombie Companies to Steal Elections

GBI Stategies Gary Bell

Why is the FEC allowing Democrats to send millions to zombie companies who aren’t even real so they can commit crimes and steal elections?

Let’s face it, the entire US government is corrupt and needs a major overhaul.

Barack Obama said he wanted to change the country and he did.  Most Americans still don’t realize that Obama’s mission was to destroy this good country.  That was his idea of change.  Maybe he wanted America to become a religious caliphate or a communist nation.  Maybe Obama was a globalist at heart.  Maybe Obama was the anti-Christ.  What Obama didn’t want is the people of the country running the county and allowing freedom to reign.

The amount of corruption that Obama put in place was like a time bomb the size of 100 atomic bombs planted in this country.  These bombs are exploding now and growing with every terrorist or cartel member who is allowed into our country unvetted.  They are exploding with every billion dollars of debt added to the country’s debt.  They are everywhere.

The FEC is another government entity that is totally corrupt.

This week we uncovered a police report in Michigan before the 2020 Election that involved more than ten thousand voter applications dropped off at an election center in a city of 38,000.  The apps were deemed fraudulent, and the police were called in.

The company that was paying this woman to create these applications, GBI Strategies LLC, had offices across the state and when these offices were investigated the police found:

  • partially completed voter registration forms
  • “pelican cases in the room with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors and optics and customized pistols.”
  • A case with “4 rifles and 4 pistols.”
  • “Dozens of new phones” and “Hundreds of pre-paid payment cards.”

GBI Strategies LLC received over $11 million from Black Pac to use for the Biden campaign alone. We know this from an FEC filing.  The company’s headquarters are either a residential house outside of Memphis or a tiny 800-square-foot duplex in Alexandria, Virginia.

The company was dissolved, per records at the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office.

See the entire story below:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC – Target in 2020 Michigan Police Report Regarding Election Crimes – Was Dissolved in Tennessee in 2017!

There are many questions that need to be answered per what we know about GBI Strategies.

For example, did the company ever file taxes?  Where is the corrupt IRS on this?

How could the company run through so much money spent on election mules and guns and get away with it and not be a registered company in good standing in the state of Tennessee where the company’s address is located?

(Please reach out to the Tennessee AG and Secretary of State and let them know about the ticking time bomb found near Memphis called GBI Strategies.)

Another big question is how can the FEC not vet multi-million-dollar transactions reported in elections to and from zombie companies that don’t even exist?

Does no one check these things?  In the corporate world this would be automated.  In this corrupt government this is ignored.

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