FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to “Lock Her Up” | Joe Hoft


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FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to “Lock Her Up”

The FBI released more Hillary related emails over the weekend. A review of the emails provides more damning information that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary was a sham as she committed numerous criminal acts and should definitely be locked up.

President Trump provided the best line in US history for a Presidential debate when he said that if he was in charge, she would be in jail!

This past weekend more FBI emails were finally released that show indeed that Hillary was involved in numerous crimes in regards to her abuse of classified emails and yet she was let off by the corrupt FBI.


One of her goons, Sidney Blumenthal, sent her an email requesting information into a $30 billion fortune. In addition, it looks like her emails made it into the dark web and there is one email with a spreadsheet that is a ‘smoking gun’ document.


Blumenthal, Hillary’s goon, was pushing garbage and calling it intelligence that the FBI was just not buying. (Maybe this is why they decided to find the like of Christopher Steele to push their garbage related to Trump and Russia.) Of course, if this was the case and the FBI knew it and pushed this garbage on Trump, the FBI would be guilty of numerous crimes.


Jordan Schachtel thinks the redacted party in the emails is Cody Shearer, a Hillary goon around for ages pushing lies related to her opponents. If so, this would be very unprofessional and deceiving, if not criminal, for Christopher Wray’s FBI to cover this up.


Judicial Watch is related to the emails.


The reason Judicial Watch is related is because Judicial Watch provided this information to Peter Strzok at the FBI a few weeks before Hillary was exonerated by the FBI and they still let her go. Of course Strzok is perhaps the most corrupt FBI agent in US history.


The more that comes out on Hillary Clinton the worse it gets. It was not out of line to call for her to be locked up. She was guilty as hell for many crimes. This is as true now as it was then. More sunlight just confirms it.

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