FBI Covered Up Hillary Team Emails Being Attacked Multiple Times As Far Back as 2011 But Used A 2016 DNC Incident As The Case for The Mueller Investigation – Trump Didn’t Declare Candidacy Till 2015! | Joe Hoft


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FBI Covered Up Hillary Team Emails Being Attacked Multiple Times As Far Back as 2011 But Used A 2016 DNC Incident As The Case for The Mueller Investigation – Trump Didn’t Declare Candidacy Till 2015!

The fairy tale that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails in 2016 in an effort to help candidate Trump win the Presidency led to the corrupt Mueller investigation. Per a review of evidence provided by the FBI we know that Hillary’s emails may have been hacked as early as 2011 and Hillary was warned about these attacks. Overall, Hillary and the FBI appear to be covering up the facts.

The Mueller sham is unconstitutional and a crime on numerous counts. The mainstream media (MSM) won’t tell the American people and the world that the entire scam was built on and runs on numerous lies. A recent review of events related to Hillary Clinton’s emails further indicate that the entire Mueller sham was built on a series of lies covered up by the FBI.

Hillary wasn’t suddenly hacked by Russians in 2016. We don’t really even know if Hillary’s emails or the DNC’s emails were hacked by the Russians at all. We don’t even know if the DNC’s emails were hacked. What we do know is that the information surrounding Hillary’s emails and the DNC emails is sketchy and conflicting – like the Mueller investigation is as a whole.

One of the first known reports about DNC or Hillary emails comes from the FBI in its report related to the Hillary email investigation. The FBI reported that Hillary and her close associate Huma Abedin were hit by phishing emails. Hillary replied to the email even though it contained a potentially malicious link. Then Abedin was involved in a separate incident.

The date isn’t provided by the FBI but we can infer from an email sent directly to Hillary that there was an increase of phishing emails after January 2011 where State employees’ personal email accounts were attacked. So based on this it appears these events occurred in 2011.

The FBI also quotes a New York Times article and states in its report about Hillary’s emails that Hillary’s private email server received an increased number of login attempts after the NYT’s March 2015 article, but none of these attempts were successful. It’s not exactly clear what events the FBI is referring to.

The FBI went on to say that the New York Times article did not reveal Hillary’s email address but that those who wanted to find it could have obtained it from other news sources from 2013. But the FBI ignores here that Hillary and Huma were both attacked by phishing schemes in 2011.

One Hillary gang member, Sydney Blumenthal for example, was reportedly hacked in 2013. The FBI again used the NYT for their source of this information – According to the far left Washington Post in an article at the same time –

In March 2013, an adviser to Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal, had his e-mail hacked by “Guccifer” — the Romanian hacker perhaps best known for revealing George W. Bush’s paintings to the world. At the time, Gawker reported that Blumenthal was communicating with an account that appeared to belong to Clinton at the “clintonemail.com” domain.

Overall, it appears that Hillary and her team were subject to numerous email attacks. The FBI appears to be intentionally confusing dates and events through its reporting. Did outsiders obtain access to Hillary’s emails in 2011? Did the FBI know she was using a personal email account for business in 2011? Why did the FBI ignore the 2011 phishing exercises in their reporting of events in 2013? Why did the FBI ignore the fact that actors had obtained her email in 2011 when noting actors having knowledge of her account after reporting in 2013? Did Hillary or Huma do the same thing that Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta did, when they acted upon the phishing emails in 2011?

But there is one big question – with the knowledge that the FBI had of years of attacks on personal emails related to Hillary, why would the FBI omit this information and suggest that the so-called email hacks by Russians (still not proven even by the FBI) were an anomaly and related to Donald Trump? President Trump hadn’t even announced his candidacy for President when Hillary’s emails were first attacked. This fact alone should shut the Mueller investigation down.

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