Far Left Nut Tomasky at Daily Beast Says Mueller Investigation is Worse than Watergate – He’s Right But Not in the Way He Thinks! | Joe Hoft


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Far Left Nut Tomasky at Daily Beast Says Mueller Investigation is Worse than Watergate – He’s Right But Not in the Way He Thinks!

Yesterday the Drudge Report linked to a report from the Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky that states that the fraudulent Mueller Investigation is ‘going to be worse than Watergate’ – Nutty Lib Tomasky forgot to mention that fellow lefties at Buzzfeed are being sued for millions for their fake news reporting of the Trump dossier – the entire basis behind Watergate – er, the Mueller investigation.

What a nonsensical piece of fiction – Tomasky quotes nutty liberal NYT reporter and “Hillary Flunky” Maggie Haberman in his article. Haberman apparently believes she has the psychic telepathic ability to know what Trump is thinking and so she clearly fits well in Tomasky’s soliloquy –

The temperature’s rising. The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reports that this president feels he really knows how to do this job now, and from here on in we’re going to see Trump unchained. So the Trump we’ve been seeing has been chained? God help us.

Leftists like Tomasky and Haberman have a lack of understanding of history, let alone current events. These rare gifts, along with grandiosity of immense proportions sustained by fellow nutty leftists who attend their cocktail parties in Manhattan, lead to their reckless reporting and inability to accurately predict Presidential elections, let alone current events.

Leftists conveniently forget that the last President who was impeached was none other than Hillary’s husband (in name only) Bill. He lied and obstructed justice but felt that this was little reason to resign from office, let alone for stopping the flow of teenage interns into the White House. Fortunately, a small fraction of the small crowds that attended Hillary rallies in 2016, reminded us all that “Bill Clinton’s a rapist”, no doubt jiggering memories of the former President’s glory days. Even CNN had to admit that Bill Clinton is also a redneck.

Tomasky believes that dirty cop Mueller’s investigation is worse than Watergate –

Where are we headed? If Trump fires Sessions and brings in whomever, and that person does fire Mueller, we will be in the midst of a major constitutional crisis. The standard line is “the worst since Watergate.” But this one is looking like it could be far worse than Watergate. Why?

Because in 1973, we had a Republican Party with some independent-minded lawmakers in it.

Sure thing Michael.

Because of Tomasky’s blinders he is unable to see that half the Republican Party was not and is not behind the current President. Trump won because Americans wanted him, not Democrats and certainly not all Republicans. Does Tomasky realize that “NeverTrumpers” were not Democrats but Republicans?

Tomasky also is unable to see the criminal actions taken by the deep state and leftovers from the corrupt Obama Administration who are fighting with all they can illegally muster to remove the President from office.

Jeff Sessions recused himself for no reason other than to blindside the President only days after swearing in as AG. The Assistant AG, Rosenstein is knee deep in Uranium One along with the crook he hired to run the Trump – Russia collusion investigation, Robert Mueller. Mueller has more conflicts of interest than any appointed special counsel in US history. Mueller’s entire team is Obama – Clinton radicals. Mueller met with former FBI Director Comey before the latter testified in front of Congress. Comey and Mueller are bff’s. No way is this an independent and objective investigation. Any professionals with the conflicts of Mueller, Rosenstein and Mueller’s team would recuse themselves from this “Witch Hunt”, but not these crooks.

Rosenstein’s two sentence directive for Mueller was unconstitutional and Paul Manafort is suing Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions as the Head of the DOJ because of this. Rosenstein, Comey and McCabe signed off on the fraudulent FISA warrants that were awarded to spy on the President while he was a candidate. The dossier used to support the illegal spying was created by the Hillary campaign. Rosenstein apparently has no problem with this conflict but believes Sessions who bumped into a Russian before the election should have recused himself?

Mueller’s investigation has found nothing to date. His top investigator was having an affair with another member of his team. They apparently only had time for sex and texts. When their thousands of texts were found, Congress requested them, but only a handful of the million or so documents requested from the FBI and DOJ have been provided to date. The latest texts show that members of the Mueller team were dining with one of the FISA Court judges.

Mueller continues looking at whatever. He has no oversight, other than crooked Rosenstein, so he really has none. God only knows how much Mueller is spending of tax payer dollars. God only knows when he will end the witch hunt.

Yes, but Tomasky and Haberman continue to believe that this is worse than Watergate. It actually is – but not in the way they see it for sure.



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