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FAITH IN ACTION Is the Beginning of Change for the Good


The story of freedom in East Germany began with Monday masses.

The East German government took over the Christian churches after taking over the country. They started dictating preaching messages for Sunday mass. If pastors stepped out of line, from government allowed speak—they were killed. This of course scared many people and silenced a lot of those in the Christian faith. The Stazies embedded people in the church to tell on those who spoke up or against the government and they ended up being killed.

Monday masses started because communists were suppressing Christians from attending Sunday mass. They would follow those who attended Sunday mass and disappear them. These disappearances caused many Christians to stop attending Sunday church.
So, a gentleman named Frederic Mercurius decided to avoid the communists and still attend weekly mass. He held a prayer vigil/mass at St. Nicholas, in Leipzig, Germany, on Monday nights at 6:30 pm by himself. Finally, after 6 months of praying, he found a person that he thought he could trust. With a leap of faith he asked one person to attend and pray with him on Monday nights at 6:30 pm. The person said yes and for the next 6 months the two of them prayed and they finally invited another person to join them. They prayed together for 6 months. As time went along, he quietly found faithful Christians he could trust that wouldn’t tell the communists about the Monday night vigil mass. Years later attendance doubled; growth continued every week until there was a church full of people praying.

This vigil continued for 13 years until it grew to 70,000. On Oct 9, 1989, demonstrators in downtown Leipzig, Germany faced 8,000 armed forces. Because the protestors were peaceful, the security forces didn’t shoot. Since the police didn’t shoot, the protests grew throughout East Germany. During this time not one person was murdered or imprisoned. Finally on November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell. This gave Germans the freedom to travel freely between East and West Germany.

Paul Preston, New California President and Founder, feels this is happening in our nation. Many churches are in the process of separating because they can no longer accept gay marriages, and the transgender ideology that is being forced upon them. He hopes that it will grow into a peaceful revival like it did many years ago.

The link here tells about the peaceful revolution that took place in Germany during this time, the sad part is that it doesn’t name who, tell why, or what it was all about. The internet has a lot of this information hidden if not all of it. Paul got most of the history on this movement from Frederic Mercurius himself when he traveled through Europe as the EU opened up and borders came down.

The state of New California is an effort to free California from its path towards communism.  You can learn more about this effort here


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