SHOCKER: The First Batch of Innocents Kidnapped by Hamas and Released Includes No Americans | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKER: The First Batch of Innocents Kidnapped by Hamas and Released Includes No Americans

Biden has bragged about the recent release of hostages by the terrorist group Hamas.  After giving Iran $10 billion, no Americans were released. 

Trending Politics reports:

Hamas militants have released 24 hostages who have been held in the Gaza Strip after they were abducted during the October 7 attacks. The exchange was part of a temporary ceasefire deal where prisoners from both sides are set to be exchanged.

Thirteen Israeli nationals were handed over to the Red Cross on Friday, a regional diplomat with knowledge of the deal told NBC News. An Israeli Defense Forces spokesman, as well as a representative of the Egyptian government, later confirmed that 12 Israeli nationals and a handful of Thai captives were released into Egypt…

…In exchange, Israel released 39 female and teenage male captives who were being held in Israeli detention centers for a range of alleged offenses. A number of additional foreign nationals were also released from Hamas captivity, including 10 Thai workers and at least one Philippine national.

As part of the deal, hostilities have largely paused over the last four days while scores of trucks carrying humanitarian aid were allowed to enter the Gaza Strip through Egypt. The deal, which was brokered by the United States, Qatar and Egypt, is set to facilitate the release of 50 Israeli hostages. Roughly 150 Palestinian prisoners will be released by the Israeli government as well.

The Biden Administration confirmed Friday that none of the hostages returned in the first exchange were American citizens. As many as 20 American citizens have been held in Hamas territory since the October 7 attacks while a number of others were killed.

Here is a picture of some of those released after being kidnapped by the terrorist and radical Islamist Hamas regime backed by Iran.

What a failure Biden is.

Last week it was reported that Biden had given another $10 billion to Iran.

After Giving Iran Another $10 Billion Biden Touts a Deal for Hostages Kidnapped by Hamas

What a total failure and anti-American piece of work Biden is.

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