EXCLUSIVE: Warning for President Trump – British Involved in Assassinations of US Presidents And They Are After You! | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Warning for President Trump – British Involved in Assassinations of US Presidents And They Are After You!

President Trump beware.  The British were behind assassinations of American Presidents and they are after you. 

In 2016, the Clinton/Obama/Biden gang created a narrative about candidate and then President Trump being a Russian pawn.  This story was told by the corrupt media minute by minute for years.  It was a lie. 

The storyline went that Russia had interfered in US elections to the benefit of President Trump.  This was a lie.  By 2018 I reported that the evidence did show that a foreign entity was interfering in US policies but it wasn’t Russia, it was the UK.

SHOCK REPORT=> MORE EVIDENCE Proves Foreign Meddling in 2016 Election Was From UK… NOT Russia

It turns out that the UK has been meddling in US policy since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  In fact, the UK was involved in foreign policy and the assassinations of US Presidents.  When the UK found it necessary, it ended the second terms of American Presidents through assassinations.  To support this I shared a five-part series on this subject.

Part I was a a discussion of British actions against the US since the country was formed.

THE BRITISH PART I: The British Empire is America’s Historic Enemy

Part II was a warning for President Trump – The British are Coming!

THE BRITISH PART II: Warning to President Trump – It’s The British Who Murder Our Presidents

Part III discussed the British involvement in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

THE BRITISH PART III: The British Kill Abraham Lincoln

Part IV discussed the McKinley assassination and Britain’s involvement in it.

THE BRITISH PART IV: The British Kill William McKinley

Part V discussed the British connections to the Kennedy assassination.

The British Part V: The British Kill John F. Kennedy

Today, author Bob Ingraham was on the Joe Hoft Show to discuss these articles and concerns that the British are not happy with President Trump and a warning for him because of this.  Only yesterday, some reporters were caught on a hot mic discussing the reality of an assassination of President Trump.

This excellent interview is below with Ingraham coming in at the 18 minute mark.

Bob Ingraham on The Joe Hoft Show – 11 January 2024 – British Involvement In US Assassinations

Please listen to this amazing discussion above. 

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