EXCLUSIVE: There’s No Randomness in Assigning Judges in America – Big Cases Always Get Corrupt Obama Judges | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: There’s No Randomness in Assigning Judges in America – Big Cases Always Get Corrupt Obama Judges

The US Judiciary is as corrupt as the rest of the government, maybe worse. 

Obama’s communist takeover of America could not have been successful without placing corrupt judges across the country known as “Obama Judges”.  This Obama appointed judges never rule according to the law when a case before them has political ramifications.  They always side with far-left communist causes.

During President Trump’s time in office, his policies were constantly stomped on by corrupt Obama judges.  These individuals would make insane unconstitutional rulings that would sideline President Trump’s initiatives for months.  Many had to go the the US Supreme Court before being overturned.

Then came the 2020 Election and out of four big cases in the country brought by attorney Sidney Powell, three landed in Obama judge courts.  These cases never had a chance.

EXCLUSIVE: Judge Selection Cannot Be Random – If So, How Could So Many Trump Related Cases End Up with Obama Judges?

Yesterday, the most corrupt anti-First Amendment case was brought against an American citizen by the corrupt DOJ in Washington D.C.  President Trump was accused of multiple crimes that ignore his right to free speech.

The judge assigned in the case is far-left, NeverTrumper Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Pamela Geller reports:

My God. It’s all rigged. Like the 2020 election Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee, is the only federal judge in Washington, D.C. who has sentenced Jan. 6 defendants to sentences longer than the government had requested.

This was planned.  This is a disgrace.  This is how communists take over a country. 

1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: There’s No Randomness in Assigning Judges in America – Big Cases Always Get Corrupt Obama Judges”

  1. The fury of America is building, some are more sensitive than others. We know what the constitution says and we have patiently been waiting for politicians to purge themselves of these individuals hell bent on destroying our beautiful country. But we are disappointed in the emptiness of moments that accountability should be celebrated They will soon find out when the spirit of America turns against you, penitence will be doled out. Enough is enough. There is no forgiveness without the individual repenting. You have pushed our gentle nature and disrespected our flag; you have insisted on murdering our children; harassed us to allow you to corrupt the innocent minds if our children; you have abused citizens knowingly by mandating destructive rules and regulations concerning energy; you have interfered with our food production by requiring ridiculous and redundant demands for production and reduced availability of trucks, you have filled our beautiful cities with the sound and evidence of criminal behavior spreading filth and chaos around yourselves, you have no respect for the history and beautiful architecture of our society, you have willfully destroyed our statutes and art work without apology and now you have attempted to imprison a beloved American because you want to stand where we want him to stand and you will never convince us you should. Better that you leave our country now…sanctuary in Venezuela, China, Russia, Ukraine.


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