EXCLUSIVE: There Were At Least 4 Different Fraudulent Steele Dossiers Floating Around Yet FBI Still Used It for FISA Warrant | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: There Were At Least 4 Different Fraudulent Steele Dossiers Floating Around Yet FBI Still Used It for FISA Warrant

The Steele dossier without a doubt was a fraud. The fact that at least four versions of the dossier being passed around provides additional proof that the entire dossier was made up.

Yesterday Congressman Devin Nunes was on Hannity and he explained that the entire Steele dossier was made up. He said –

Well I know this much about Christopher Steele and his dossier. I’ve read plenty of intelligence reports. I’ve met with plenty of British officials that are in intelligence, not only in the UK, but here and abroad. They’ve been very valuable allies to us. They’re not idiots Sean.

There is no possible way that British intelligence folks who read the Christopher Steele dossier and didn’t just laugh. OK so, I actually believe that Mueller knows that the Mueller dossier team knew that the Brits actually did give us some warning. So but we can’t get that information. I think there are things that Mueller knew about. I think the Brits probably did raise their concerns about Steele’s credibility to the new administration….He [Mueller] knew the day he walked in the door that there was no evidence of collusion.

Representative Nunes is right. Per our analysis there were at least four copies of Steele’s dossier being passed around during the time Obama’s corrupt Deep State used the dossier to obtain the FISA warrant. We know this in part, because dirty cop and fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok told us so. This was reported on the Hill in July 2018 –

Now, memos the FBI is turning over to Congress show the bureau possessed at least three versions of the dossier and its mostly unverified allegations of collusion.

Each arrived from a different messenger: McCain, Mother Jones reporter David Corn, Fusion GPS founder (and Steele boss) Glenn Simpson.

That revelation is in an email that disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok wrote to FBI executives around the time BuzzFeed published a version of the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

“Our internal system is blocking the site,” Strzok wrote of the document posted on BuzzFeed. “I have the PDF via iPhone but it’s 25.6MB. Comparing now. The set is only identical to what McCain had. (it has differences from what was given to us by Corn and Simpson.)”

Below is our list of four different versions of the bogus Steele dossier –

Version 1
-July 26, 2016, Christopher Steele allegedly begins sending dossier to MI6 [source]
-September 15, 2016, Steele meets with Jane Mayer/The New Yorker [source]
-September 21, 2016, Glenn Simpson meets several journalists [source]
-September 23, 2016, Steele meets Michael Isikoff [source]
-October 11, 2016, Steele meets State Department Kathleen Kavalec [source]
-October 15, 2016, Steele shares dossier with Paul Wood/BBC and several other journalists [source]
-October 20, 2016, Steele’s last report date [source]
-October 29, 2016, Steele flies into a rage that the FBI opened new email investigation into Clinton [source]
-October 30, 2016, Steele terminated by FBI [source]
-October 30, 2016, Schiff Memo claims that Steele no longer shared dossier with FBI Matt Gaeta after this point [source]
-December 8, 2016, MI6 Alex Younger gives rare public speech which includes information gleaned from dossier [source]

Version 2
-October 30, 2016, Steele shares dossier with David Corn/Mother Jones [source]
-November 7, 2016, Corn gives his version of the dossier to James Baker who immediately forwards it to Bill Priestap [source]

Version 3
-November 1, 2016, Steele meets Sir Andrew Wood [source]
-November 18, 2016, McCain and key aides receive dossier from Sir Andrew Wood [source]
-December 29, 2016, Buzzfeed receives dossier from McCain [source]
-January 10, 2017, Buzzfeed publishes dossier [source]

Version 4
-December 10, 2016, Bruce Ohr and Simpson meet. Simpson gives Ohr thumb drive with dossier on it [source]
-December 12, 2016, Ohr is debriefed by FBI [source]
(“Two days after Ohr’s meeting with Simpson, the senior Justice Department official met with the FBI and submitted to an interview about what he had learned. The information, on face value, has the lowest level of credibility. It was second- or third-hand, they noted, and couched with lots of caveats like “may,” “possibly” and “others disagree.” (FD-302 was not filed until 12/19/16)

Some additional notes about the dossiers

*At least by November 7, 2016, the FBI was aware that there were alternate versions of the dossier

*No later than January 10, 2017, the UK (and many others) realized it was the subject of a disinformation campaign. Before Younger delivers his speech, the dossier has three different versions, while Younger’s speech would be based on Version 1.

*December 13, 2016, Steele files last supplemental “unsolicited” report

*No journalist that received Version 1 and Version 2 has commented about the differences with Buzzfeed Version 3

*All of the version changes happened after Steele submitted his last dossier report.

The dossier was so bogus that multiple copies of it were passed around. It was as credible as a paperback fiction novel. To think Obama’s Deep State used this to spy on the President of the United States – pathetic!

Hat tip D. Manny

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