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EXCLUSIVE: The State of Freedom Podcast Is Ringing for the Forgotten Citizen

Louisiana State of Freedom Podcast


Guest post by J. Christopher Alexander

We live in an age when far too many of our elected state legislators have forgotten whom they represent. While there are legislators who have remained faithful to the interests and values of those who elected them, the majority have, sadly, become corrupted for thirty pieces of silver. The forgotten citizen feels voiceless and alone, muted by the deafening roar of big special interest groups to whom far too many of these legislators pay homage, the same special interest groups that descend like vultures upon the Louisiana capitol each year during the legislative session, making offers that these leaders have neither the will nor the courage to refuse.

These elected leaders have facilitated the defeat of profoundly important items of legislation- legislation that directly affects the forgotten citizen.

From failure to respond decisively to federal lockdowns, to election integrity, to vaccine mandates, to the divisive Critical Race Theory being injected into our public schools, to the censorship of our speech, to oppressive taxation, to the violation of our privacy, to the steady erosion of our gun rights, and so much more, the forgotten citizen has been abandoned in state legislature by the very leaders who promised to stand up for them when they ran for office.

Government continues to expand its heavy hand, and many of our legislative leaders continue to shrink in the face of it.
Rather than be the bulwarks of constitutional sovereignty in the face of federal tyranny that our Founders envisioned, these legislators have cast their lot with those who have taken an axe to the roots of our freedom and liberty.

We see up close, in real time, how these elected officials accomplish their nefarious goals. We are at the Louisiana legislature, in the committee hearings. We see the covert maneuverings that kill vitally important legislation. These leaders have mastered the art of deception. They know, or think they know, how to protect each other at the altar of self-enrichment without being detected. They are highly adept at doing the bidding of the big special interests, in the dark of night, and then gleefully telling their constituents what a good job they are doing to protect and serve them. They know how to break into your home, steal your things, and leave without a trace.

But we are onto them.

The State Of Freedom political podcast was launched for two important reasons: to expose, by name, any Louisiana elected official who is complicit in the steady, often secret, suffocation of our freedom, and to provide a broad platform for potential candidates who feel called to do something about it. Many good citizens want to run for office but are discouraged by the Leviathan of entrenched power arrayed against them.

The State Of Freedom is changing this, one subscription, one share, one listen at a time. We are creating a platform whereby the voice of the forgotten citizen will be heard in every corner of our State, and beyond. In doing so we will revolutionize the way political advocacy is done, and we will return our government to the people. TSOF will become a model of similar platforms across our beloved America.

The State of Freedom is ringing. Help us make it resound across the American plain by listening, subscribing, and sharing at any of the below links. You can also find us at www.freedomstate.us, and email us at info@freedomstate.us

Time is short, and we do not have the luxury of neutrality. With your help, TSOF will be a beacon of hope and freedom in Louisiana, and beyond.

J. Christopher Alexander

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