EXCLUSIVE: Steve Forbes on Biden Administration “They’re Competent in Their Incompetence” | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Forbes on Biden Administration “They’re Competent in Their Incompetence”

Steve Forbes joined the Joe Hoft Show today on TNTRadio.  He offered solutions to save the country economically while labeling the Biden Administration – “competent in their incompetence”.

Conservative icon Steve Forbes was on the Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio.live today.  Like most Americans, Forbes sees the economy failing, inflation at decade highs, the border open, and the world on fire.  He offered suggestions for how to get America back on track.

Forbes started off the second segment of the show (at the 15:44 mark in the audio included below) responding to whether the Biden gang is incompetent or trying to destroy America:

I’d say they’re competent in their incompetence of how you see the world.  They still believe in their hearts that this is ultimately Mr. Rogers neighborhood, that everyone can come to an agreement.  They don’t recognize for example with Iran … it is unappeasable, especially with the United States.  They can’t grasp that Vladimir Putin wants to recreate the Soviet empire and the bottom line is that China, Russia, North Korea and Iran and other bad actors see the US as a country in decline…

…The rest of the world wants us to be active.  You see that in the Philippines…

…So the danger is we have an administration that is wrecking our economy, that is weak overseas, and so the question is can we make it through the next year, year- and-a-half and get a new regime here at home, just like we did with Ronald Reagan in the early 80’s and unleash our strength and make for a safer world, a more prosperous world starting here at home.

There’s no reason the economy can’t be booming. [Regulations are holding us back and taxes and anti-growth initiatives].

Forbes says we have to get the Fed to stop raising rates which is hurting the economy.  We also have to get rid of the excess regulations.  He says the overseas policies should be to rebuild our military the way Ronald Reagan did it in the 1980s.

When it was proposed that we have a Happy Meal index, Forbes laughed and agreed.

You hit on a good point, normal people.  When Biden says the economy is getting better and inflation is coming down, all that means is the rate of price increases is declining.  It doesn’t mean we’re going back to where we were when he took office. Everything is costing more…The administration is waging war against everything that makes life good…Anything that works they want to make unworkable.

Forbes went on to describe non-monetary and monetary inflation.  Reagan then came in with tax cuts and deregulation.  Unlike then we are now getting “the worst of both worlds”.

There is much, much more.

Listen to the entire discussion below.

Steve Forbes is an American icon.  He sees what is happening.  He has solutions. 

1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Steve Forbes on Biden Administration “They’re Competent in Their Incompetence””

  1. Aside from some good and obvious economic ideas, Forbes is full of nonsense. He sold his magazine to China, but he is still the editor. That magazine now publishes a variety of leftist, pro-Chinese, and Trump hating nonsense.

    He is no longer a conservative icon. He puts out leftist drivel.

    We violate 2 neutrality agreements on Ukraine, and Forbes thinks this means Russia wants to create an empire? They did not even try to take Kiev. Their plan did not call for taking Ukraine. Steve himself is displaying incompetence.

    Biden is driven by the leftist globalist elites, who illegally installed him as president. Forbes does not get it and never will. He seems to be acting.


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