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EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Moore on the Biden Economy and Destruction of America – “They’re Going to do it Again”

Top Trump economist Stephen Moore talked about the Biden economy and ended with a some scary predictions. 

Stephen Moore was one of President Trump’s top economists.

He shared on the Joe Hoft Show his thoughts on the Biden economy and more.  Here are some of his comments.

For the first time ever the Southern states have more economic output than the Northeastern states do.”

On this past week’s GOP debate he agreed that the winner was President Trump.

Steve shared his experience in meeting candidate Trump when he first met him.  People laughed at both him and Reagan when they announced they were running for president.

I remember Larry and me leaving that room and we both thought this guy is going to run America.

Moore went on to say that every meeting he has had with Trump is always about putting America first. He said he saw that Trump would always stand up for America in all his dealings.  He gave examples on

Moore went on to discuss inflation and says that “of course it isn’t 3%!”.  People are telling him this all the time.

Then Moore shared some scary predictions before the interview ended. He started by noting that certain groups were at risk for COVID but the pandemic did not protect them and made children wear masks or sit out of school.  This was very damaging.

“The other 80 or 90 of us could have moved on with our lives”.  The shutdowns were very devastating and Fauci was behind them.

They’re gonna do this again.  They are going to do this again.  The next time we have a flu virus or a COVID wave, they are going to…You what their going to do next, Joe?  Do you know what they are going to use lockdowns for?  Climate Change.

These people are nuts.  They’re Stalinists.  They’ll take away every single freedom that you have.

Listen to the entire interview below:

Stephen Moore on The Joe Hoft Show – 29 September 2023- They Are Going to Do It Again







1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Moore on the Biden Economy and Destruction of America – “They’re Going to do it Again””

  1. The world is run by insane people. It’s not just insanity, these people are pure evil. The only way out of this is with pitchforks and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. America is a nation of uninformed, cowardly morons. Sad really.


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