EXCLUSIVE: Soros-Backed Manhattan DA Bragg’s Indictment Not Only Doesn’t Identify a Crime, It Also Is “Trumped-Up” Beyond Belief

Manhattan Soros-Backed and Obama and Biden connected DA Alvin Bragg’s charges against President Trump are bogus but they’re also “Trumped-up” beyond belief. 

If you want to live in peace, stay out of New York City.  It’s turning quickly into a corrupt communist hellhole.   This week’s arrest of President Trump proves this is the case.

President Trump was arrested for allegedly making a payment to a porn star who was trying to extort money from him.  He allegedly paid her for her silence.  This type of agreement is perfectly legal.  Non-disclosure agreements are put in place across the country every day in the USA.

But the Democrats are looking for a way to get President Trump and they love the story that he paid off a porn star for her silence.  They won’t let this go.  Democrats are destroying our economy, our justice system, and our foreign policy.  They were responsible for the deaths of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan during Biden’s surrender to the Taliban and for the deaths of 4 Trump supporters at the Capitol on Jan 6.

But they want to disparage President Trump for an alleged payment to a porn star.  These people are evil.

The alleged incident happened long ago.  There are many problems with this arrest and indictment.  What is the crime is the biggest question?  The Democrats can’t say.  Bragg couldn’t say it in his press conference.

Another outrageous lie in the corrupt DA’s indictment is that President Trump committed multiple felonies in his actions.  This is a lie and also cannot be explained.

But the overall case also is super “Trumped-up”.  The incident in question revolves around payment years ago long past the statute of limitations.  But the corrupt DA makes 34 felonies out of the case.  Bragg shows his stupidity in doing so and his lack of the law as well as his lack of understanding of how the accounting function works in a company.

Unbelievably dumb Bragg charges President Trump for 23 actions made in the accounting department(s) of the President’s multibillion-dollar organization.  But then stupidly, Bragg lists 11 actions that were not even made by President Trump or his organization at all. 

Bragg made up and charged President Trump with 11 felonies based on actions performed by someone outside his organization. 

Bragg charges President Trump for his organization receiving invoices from outside the company.  These invoices were prepared by someone else and sent to the organization.  The Trump organization has no control over documents that vendors send to the organization – no company does.

Bragg’s charges aren’t based on the law or common sense. 

This is explained in the piece below:

THERE’S MORE – Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Shows Complete Ignorance and Manipulation of Basic Accounting

God save this country and protect us all from criminals and corrupt actors in this tyrannical government until they can be weeded out and brought to justice for their real crimes with reasonable charges.

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