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EXCLUSIVE: Rumors that a BIG BOMB Will Be Dropped on the Deep State This Week – Hold Tight

Rumors have it that a big bomb will make a direct hit on the Deep State this week.  Stay tuned. 

Recently (in 2021) the US Navy dropped a 40,000-pound bomb in the Atlantic Ocean.  Below is a video of the explosion.

Rumors have it that the Deep State better look out.  There are rumors that a bomb will be dropped on the Deep State this week.  It will be a direct hit and it will cause much destruction.

The corrupt Deep State has been going after Americans since the JFK Assassination.  They were behind the Bobby Kennedy assassination (Bobby Kennedy, Jr. says the CIA killed his dad), Watergate (where 3 of 4 burglars were CIA), and the Russia collusion sham investigation of President Trump.

The Deep State worked for years to plan out the stolen 2020 Election in the US.  They bragged about it in a Time magazine article after the election was stolen.

Ever since the 2020 Election, the Deep State has been going after President Trump and the majority of Americans who voted for Trump.

The time is up.  My source says that the Deep State will suffer from a direct hit this week.

Let’s wait and see.

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Rumors that a BIG BOMB Will Be Dropped on the Deep State This Week – Hold Tight”

  1. IDK it might work but you need to catch them all at like a Davos Meeting or something so you get to the root of the problem. Personally I been hearing whispers that a lake of fire is coming up on the left and something about divine intervention. I am hoping I will be blessed with a super power where I could make someone spontaneously combust upon my command leaving nothing but their shoes.

  2. Eventually the mountain of building evidence will spill over the wall which seems to ‘block’ what can be seen from the left. We know they see some of it because of the canned responses.
    I keep waiting for someone about to go under a bus to speak out. We can see the frustration of being made a fool of by many.
    Of course something has to be done about the judicial system as well as the ‘Houses’.


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