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EXCLUSIVE: Ruby and Shaye’s Attorneys Send TGP, Jim and Joe Hoft Rage-Filled Letter Full of Inaccuracies and Falsehoods

You can’t make this up.  The attorneys representing Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss who claim their clients were slandered, sent a letter to TGP, Jim and Joe Hoft full of inaccuracies and falsehoods.

This is an example of the lawfare used against innocent Americans today.

Attorneys representing Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss sent a rage-filled letter to The Gateway Pundit (TGP), Jim and Joe Hoft last week.  Ruby and Shaye were seen on video on Election night 2020 at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia, pushing ballots through tabulators with no observers present.  (Watch the video provided in the article below from Rudy Giuliani’s presentation to the Georgia Senate and judge for yourselves.)

Some batches of ballots certainly look like they were pushed through more than once, and an election monitor who showed up after midnight reported on what was going on sharing the following with Georgia State Board of Elections:

“Order is starting to break down – > Ralph newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.” 

This was all discussed in this article below from a few days ago – the notes from election monitor Carter Jones are included in this article below.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Politicians’ Blatant Cover-Up of Corruption in State Farm Arena in 2020 Election Exposed

Of course, not having observers present and counting ballots more than once goes against Georgia law. (See GA Code Title 21-2-483 (b))

In the rage-filled letter to TGP, Jim and Joe Hoft last week, Ruby and Shaye’s attorneys made all sorts of accusations but many of these were false and unsupported.  Here are some of the many examples included in this letter.

The attorneys say that we have shared an – “ongoing, intentional, reckless, and dangerous defamatory campaign” – but this is not true and never was.  We have no campaign against anyone, and we certainly are not intentionally, recklessly or dangerously sharing defamatory comments about Ms. Freeman, Ms. Moss, or anyone.

We stand by our honest reporting.  The attorneys make broad accusations without substance or examples.  If they had information supporting their claims wouldn’t they share it?

The attorneys claim that it was settled that video evidence of election workers pulling containers out from under the tables on election night with no observers present and running some batches through multiple times is legitimate.

The attorneys also insist that we must believe the words of their chosen public officials involved in the Georgia election in 2020 yet even this week we point out another public official in the article above who claimed that the election was fine but noted that the 2020 primaries were so messed up in Fulton County that, “for the first time ever in Georgia history, an election monitor was accountable to the board and stationed in Fulton County”.

Fulton County was a mess going into the election.  This official went on to indicate that this election monitor was present at the State Farm Arena all election night but this is not accurate and support for this was provided to the official before he made these statements (see article above).

Because dishonest attorneys and government officials make false statements doesn’t make them true.  The attorneys who promote these falsities label us irresponsible.

The attorneys then claim that because OANN settled in a similar case in Washington D.C. that we should not stand by the truth.  They must know that that was a different case that we were not a party to, or could they be so ignorant to suggest that some enmeshed bizarre relationship is involved here?

The attorneys claim that it was settled that video evidence of Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman pulling containers out from under the tables on election night with no observers present and running some batches through multiple times is legitimate.  We wonder where in Georgia’s statutes this is the case.

We also know from experience that video evidence like what was filmed on election night in Fulton County is very strong evidence.  Why are the attorneys for Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman suggesting otherwise?  Don’t they know this as well?

Next, the attorneys claim that someone on GAB says that Ruby and Shay should just be murdered but they provide no evidence for this.  How come?  Could it be that this is made up by the attorneys? And what makes them think that we would endorse or encourage this?  We do not.

Then the attorneys claim:

The top-ranked comment on Defendants’ website (ranked by “Best”) responding to Jim’s first August 16, 2023, states: “Ruby Freeman and her equally trashy daughter must hang.”

And, the attorneys provide this screen grab:

TGP receives thousands of comments a day, but we really have no idea who this commenter is.  It could be one of Ruby and Shaye’s attorneys posting this comment?  We have reached out to our comment provider and will need a subpoena to obtain more information on the commenter.  But, these commenters’ words are not our words, and we will ban anyone who threatens violence.

The attorneys state that the above comment was “top-ranked” but this is not true. The comment has one “up” vote.  This same post had comments with 46 “up” votes. 

This was not the top-ranked comment on defendant’s website.  Not even close. 

Why would Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman’s attorneys make such an obvious false statement?   It certainly doesn’t bode well for their other arguments, does it?

Here is the full letter.

2023.08.31 Retraction Letter by Joe Ho on Scribd

What a terrible thing these attorneys are doing.  As our mother would say, “Shame on them”. 

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