EXCLUSIVE: Michigan GOP Elites Execute Coup of Kristina Karamo, End Election Integrity Efforts, and Continue Cover-Up | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Michigan GOP Elites Execute Coup of Kristina Karamo, End Election Integrity Efforts, and Continue Cover-Up


In February of 2023, Kristina Karamo was elected Chairman of the Michigan GOP.  It was a legitimate vote and she won.  Those running the state’s GOP would not have it. 

In response, the old guards and elites of the Michigan GOP were outraged likely based on fear.  A new team was going to run the party.  This team of America First Michigan citizens were going to run the GOP the way it should be.  No more good old boy RINOs running the party, a new team was in place.

In response to the vote, the old guard emptied the GOP headquarters like Scrooge on Christmas night, not even leaving a crumb for the mice.  Everything was gone when Karamo arrived.  The donor lists were missing and have never been provided to Karamo.  At first it looked like sabotage but after some time it began to look like a coverup.  Who was in the donor rolls that the old guard did not want to share?

In addition, there was the question of the property connected to the Michigan Republican Party.  The records related to this were missing.  They went back to the days when Ronna Romney McDaniel was the head of the Michigan GOP.  As soon as a court case was filed by Karamo to get to the bottom of the ownership and records of this property, the elites began their efforts to totally sabotage Karamo.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel and the Michigan elites aligned with the same gang who sided with the CCP’s efforts to build a battery factory in Michigan, the DNC and others wanting Karamo out as Michigan Head.

Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP?

Despite being confirmed as Head of Michigan’s GOP in mid-January, Karamo who was legitimately elected Head of the Michigan GOP was not welcomed in her position at the national GOP gathering in February by Romney McDaniel and others. She was voted out by the National GOP.  Remember Ronna Romney McDaniel was head of the GOP in 2016.

At this point it became clear that the Michigan GOP may be hiding something.  Their votes to remove her had no bearing as they weren’t legit.  Something else was going on.

Across the country the RINOs and Elites in the GOP have worked against the American people they are supposed to represent.  Those who stand up, like President Trump, are attacked unjustly.  This is what happened to Kristina Karamo.

After all these efforts didn’t work, Karamo found herself in court.  The judge ruled alongside the elites that Karamo was not the legitimate GOP Head and that instead Pete Hoekstra, the former Kasich backer from Michigan who was a big supporter of the Patriot Act, was awarded the GOP Head position.

So rather than support efforts to better protect the elections in Michigan, the Michigan GOP opted to take out the duly elected Michigan Chair through the courts.  They couldn’t beat her in a vote, they needed a judge to steal the vote.  

The following video provides a brief history of what was done to Karamo.

Hoekstra held a convention this past weekend in Grand Rapids but a third of the most conservative state counties were not invited.  These are some of the counties that support Karamo and Trump supporters.  This was not the way to unite Michigan’s GOP.

Even far-left USA Today understands the situation in Michigan.

The split isn’t about loyalty to Trump – that much is clear from the former president winning 98% of the delegate’s votes.

Instead, it reflects a different growing pain within the modern GOP: Tension between party stalwarts who have funded, run or won elections in the past, and activists who see them as a cabal set on protecting establishment interests.

Michigan is a mess. 

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Michigan GOP Elites Execute Coup of Kristina Karamo, End Election Integrity Efforts, and Continue Cover-Up”

  1. When will MAGA stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Trying to change the GOP within the GOP is a fools errand. The cancer that is the GOP is terminal. Until the “We cant split the vote” fools realize this and decide to form a new America First party nothing will change.

    • The GOP House is a perfect example…Other than bloviate and send strongly worded tweets what have they done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It reminds me of the movie scene in Blazing Saddles…Harumph…Harumph. I didnt get a Harumph from that guy. Wake me when the GOP fanboy fools get tired of the circle jerk.

  2. The only two parties in this country for the last decade are “Constitutionalist” and Communist. Said it a thousand times and will keep saying it. People need to tune into that one fact, to get their heads squared away.
    Facing into the next election – the one for the future of our freedom – realize that only those favoring totalitarian rule want to use ELECTION MACHINES, BALLOT HARVESTING, early voting, drop boxes, etc. That would be the RNC, DNC, and almost every SOS and election official in RED AND BLUE states. The differences are not in party labels, but in what they support.


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