EXCLUSIVE: LIVE COVERAGE From the Hong Kong Airport – Protests Continue!

Protests continued in Hong Kong on Wednesday. This was after bloody clashes between police and democracy protesters earlier this week.

This video was posted online from Hong Kong Airport on Wednesday.
Protesters attacked a police officer after he was seen tackling and beating a woman at the Hong Kong Airport. The officer pulled his gun.

Tonight (Wednesday) protesters lined the exits with posters and signs stating their cause. One sign says “They Let the Triads Walk Away”, referring to the police allowing the notorious mafia gang in Hong Kong and China beat people up and then walk away after doing it –

Protesters were gathered at the exits from baggage claims –

One girl reportedly lost her eye from a rubber bullet and this is referred to in many posters. Some posters tonight actually apologize for Tuesday night’s riots –

The protesters in Hong Kong now know the world is watching them as they stand for freedom.

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