EXCLUSIVE: Italian Prime Ministers Renzi and Conte Appear to Have Different Stories Regarding Italy’s Actions in Russian Collusion Hoax – Renzi Acknowledges Russia Collusion While Conte Denies It? | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Italian Prime Ministers Renzi and Conte Appear to Have Different Stories Regarding Italy’s Actions in Russian Collusion Hoax – Renzi Acknowledges Russia Collusion While Conte Denies It?

Italian Prime Ministers Renzi and Conte have given different stories in response to Italian actions related to the Russian Collusion Hoax. The one thing everyone agrees on is the Deep State FBI participated in the Russia collusion sham in Italy.

Yesterday, the Italian press reported on Italian actions surrounding the Russia collusion sham. Per a translated copy of the report:

Rome is confirmed as the crossroads of Russiagate, at least as a logistical base for meetings and intrigues, while the alarm for Moscow’s electoral interference explodes ahead of the American presidential elections in November. In fact, in the Italian capital, on 3 October 2016, a secret and crucial meeting took place between FBI investigators and their British informant Chris Steele, author of the famous report on the dangerous relations between Trump and the Kremlin.

Steele is a former MI6 secret service agent in London, where he directed the department that dealt with Russia. Then he founded his own investigative agency, Orbis, and in this capacity in 2010 he met Michael Gaeta, FBI agent who managed the investigation into the corruption of FIFA. The two had worked together on this case and had remained in contact, even when Gaeta had been transferred to Rome.

The report continued:

…Once the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation was launched, the FBI had reopened the canal with Steele through Gaeta. So on October 3, 2016 Michael had invited Chris to Rome, offering him $ 15,000 to exchange information with three agents involved in the investigation into Trump, namely the “Case Agent 2”, the “Supervisor Intel Analyst”, and the “Acting Section Chief. “

And it is reported that per the Obama Administration’s Ben Rhodes:

…Mifsud collaborated with Link Campus, Gaeta was the contact between FBI and Rome, and on October 18 Premier Renzi had gone to the White House, where according to Obama’s adviser Ben Rhodes had denounced Russian interference in our elections, asking for help to stop them.

Surprisingly, Ben Rhodes’ report that former Prime Minister Renzi traveled to the US to discuss Russia collusion appears to differ with the account that current Prime Minister Conte shared earlier this year.

Renzi’s actions as reported by Rhodes raised some eyebrows in Italy:

Italian Prime Minister Conte in a closed door meeting with Italian Officials in October 2019 denied any Italian connections with Joseph Mifsud as well as the FBI before the 2016 election. He also noted that the Italians provided AG Barr and his Investigator Durham with information but not documents last year.

Italian Prime Minister Conte denied any Italian wrongdoing in the 2016 election referred to as Spygate. Frederico Punzi at the Atlantico reported (pieces of article translated from Italian) of Conte’s responses in a press conference after his hearing:

The secret hearing lasted more than two and a half hours and took place in an extremely tense atmosphere, especially in the second part, after the report on statutory services and the premier’s brief introduction on the most hot topic…

The [Italian media] suspicion advanced is that the Prime Minister has traded the cooperation that secretly accorded to the US delegation with support from President Trump at a decisive moment for his reappointment at Palazzo Chigi after the opening of the crisis of [Italian] government…

Also at a press conference, at the end of the hearing, the Premier confirmed that the meetings [with Barr and Durham] were actually held on 15 August and 27 September, but explained that the American request for “a preliminary exchange of information” did not arrive in August during the government crisis, but “dates back to June.”…

The Prime Minister Conte basically confirmed what had already been leaked in recent days – namely that these were the issues that the Americans were interested in, that there was only an exchange of information between allies , not of documents and other material, and that in any case our services are completely foreign and know nothing about Mifsud…

We made it clear to the Americans that “we are strangers” and “we had no information”…

We reported in May 2019 that several top Italian spies fired at that time were no doubt related to the Russia collusion witch hunt.

It now looks like Italy’s Prime Ministers should get their stories straight. Either they worked with the Obama Administration on Russia collusion activities or they did not, but not both.

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