EXCLUSIVE: Gordan Chang Shares that the Foreign Actor Influencing the US is Not “Russia, Russia, Russia”, it’s “China, China, China”

Mr. Gordan Chang was on with the Joe Hoft Hoft Show yesterday.  

Gordan Chang is an expert on China and the CCP.  He is courageous in reporting and honesty about what is happening in China today.

Chang noted that over a billion people in China have phones with nearly a billion owning smartphones.

He also discussed China’s economy which is being crushed.  The country is contracting but the CCP states it’s growing.  This has been going on in China for years.

Next, Chang discussed COVID and noted that China decided to spread the disease beyond its borders.  China locked down its own country to tell the world that COVID was serious.  China may have done this because its economy was falling, and it decided to spread the disease.

“Millions have died from this disease…those people should be considered murdered.”

Chang agrees that it’s plausible that the reason that China dropped COVID was because President Trump was crushing China economically.

China certainly wanted Biden in the White House and not Trump.  They enjoyed their relationship with Hunter Biden.

The foreign actor influencing the US is not “Russia, Russia, Russia”, it’s “China, China, China”.

Listen in on this excellent interview below starting at the 18:55 mark in the audio below.

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