EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s Report Exonerating Fulton County of Wrongdoing in 2020 Election Omits Carter Jones’s Report – How Could He? | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s Report Exonerating Fulton County of Wrongdoing in 2020 Election Omits Carter Jones’s Report – How Could He?

On Tuesday, Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger released a report from the 2020 Election covering Fulton County.  In the report, Raffensperger left out one key matter related to the activities in Fulton County’s election.

On Tuesday, Brad Raffensperger released the following report:

SHOCKER: Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Suddenly Releases Report on Events from Fulton County on 2020 Election Night

The report released by Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has at least one obvious omission in it.  Surely Raffensperger didn’t forget about the report from Carter Jones covering activities in Fulton County during the 2020 Election?

Raffensperger hired an individual by the name of Carter Jones to monitor the operations going on in Fulton County before the 2020 Election. He pushed this hiring through despite Jones not wanting the job.

Georgia Attorney Ryan Germany Hired Carter Jones to Be a Monitor of Fulton County’s 2020 Election Activities Even After Jones Claimed He Didn’t Want the Job

Carter Jones did not stand by on Election Night 2020 and do nothing.  He was hired by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office to observe Fulton County’s election activities during the November 2020 Election. This was in response to a consent order created due to problems with Fulton County’s primary election. In August 2020 the Georgia State Election Board (SEB) referred two Fulton County election investigations involving the primaries to the Georgia Attorney General’s office.

Assistant Attorney General Charlene McGowan began to negotiate with Fulton to create a “Consent Order”.

One section of the order allowed the SEB to place a monitor inside Fulton elections. McGowan offloaded the responsibility to find the candidates to be monitors to Ryan Germany, the Secretary of State’s General Counsel who answers to Brad Raffensberger.  McGowan gave Fulton Election Director Rick Barron the right to decide who was hired as this monitor.

The SEB is made of five members and the Secretary of State was always the Chairman.  So Brad Raffensberger held a SEB meeting on Oct. 30th, 2020 to discuss the Attorney General’s new Fulton County “Consent Order” and hiring of the monitor.

Carter Jones was hired.

What was kept hidden by Raffensperger for months until June of 2021 was the fact that Carter Jones shared information on Election night with Raffensperger’s attorney Ryan Germany from Fulton County where he shared that he had observed Ralph Jones push through a batch of ballots two times that night.

Carter Jones wrote about Ralph Jones who was working for the county.

“Order is starting to break down[.] Ralph newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.”

EXPLOSIVE DEVELOPMENT: Election Worker Ralph Jones Is Now Caught Double-Counting Ballots at the State Farm Center on Election Night!

Jones released a second report where he claimed that Fulton County on election night was basically a voter fraud factory.


In a phone call between President Trump and Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany in early January 2021, President Trump discussed the many issues with the results that were certified by Raffensperger in Georgia.

WE CAUGHT THEM: President Trump Warned Raffensperger and His Attorney Ryan Germany About Election Fraud – New Evidence Shows Germany Was Made Aware of Election Fraud on Election Night And Hid This From President Trump

Raffensperger and Germany never mentioned that they heard on Election night that ballots were being processed multiple times in Fulton County by election workers there. 

Raffensperger again forgot to mention this in his report released this week exonerating election workers in Georgia. 


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  1. Hi Joe, I like your work. I may have already sent this to you.
    Look at the Tri-Lateral Commission membership:
    • John D. Negroponte who was involved with Dennis Montgomery.
    • Michael Bloomberg
    • David Gergen of CNN
    • Fiona Hill
    • Henry Kissenger ( I met him one time)
    • Michelle Nunn
    • David Petraeus
    • Blinken (former member)
    • Jake Sullivan
    • R. Nichols Burns (Current Ambassador to China)

    Notice how quiet Stacey Abrams has been? I wonder how much of her campaign money is left.

    I have continually battled with the AJC and now I know why they are quiet and left, besides Presstitutes. The Cox Media Group owned the AJC, WSB TV, and WSB radio, which they sold to the Apollo Global Management Group in 2019.

    Cox Media Group (CMG) is an integrated broadcasting, publishing, direct marketing, and digital media company.
    In 2019, Cox Enterprises reached an agreement with Apollo Global Management to sell a majority interest in Cox Media Group’s broadcast television stations, including the company’s radio, newspaper, and TV properties in Ohio, and its local OTT advertising subsidiary – Gamut. Smart Media from Cox. based in New York.[17]
    Now who would be the CEO of Apollo? Marc Jeffrey Rowan who is the Chairman-Overseers Board at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Now isn’t that where Biden’s docs were held and didn’t they receive millions of dollars from the CCP? Certainly a coincidence.

    What do you think?

    Steve Houlder
    678 799 4873


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