EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Comments on Torture of Jan 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Comments on Torture of Jan 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel

General Michael Flynn shared his comments on the torture of Jan 6 prisoner Ryan Samsel. 

The Gateway Pundit reported today:

January 6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel has been held in prison without trial now since January 2021.

During his two-and-a-half years without trial Ryan has been moved around to 17 different facilities. Ryan has been beaten, abused, tortured, and neglected since his arrest in January 2021.

Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit received exclusive photos from Ryan Samsel’s prison cell at the FDC in Philadelphia. The cell was a size of a closet with a light on all of the time. The cell had a thin blue mattress, no sheets or blankets, no clothing, and he was kept here for five months straight.

The photos are just shocking. This is taking place in America today. This is who we are.

Ryan told The Gateway Pundit in a conversation this week, “I was kept in … a hard cell. And in that particular cell about five, six months. I even told you what was happening is the judge was actually calling, trying to get in contact with me because I wasn’t in a named cell. They were missing me and they were saying I wasn’t showing up to court. They were saying I wasn’t showing up to medical. But they were pretty much keeping me in there… Like I said, it was cold, the light was on, there’s zero window. And that followed me from Virginia. When I was in Virginia, it was the same exact conditions.”

General Flynn was interviewed by The Gateway Pundit’s Brian Lupo and Joe Hoft.  This will be shared shortly.

After the interview General Flynn saw the above article and shared with us his thoughts.  He shared that he was in charge of and involved in the capture and retention of terrorists during the war on terror.  He said that the US never treated even the worst of the terrorists captured during the war on terror in this manner.

The Biden gang is treating Americans worse than the worst terrorists captured during the war on terror. 

9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Comments on Torture of Jan 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel”

  1. Now they are trying to add Trump to the list of political prisoners.

    The USA has lost credibility as a moral and lawful nation.

    McCarthy and his gang of corrupt RINOs are complicit. Where are the videos? MTG now opposes their release. This is betrayal.

  2. Is it time to fight back, the enemies in the district of criminals think so. They are now foreign enemy combatants. You know what to do Americans!

    • When are Americans going to stop being so blind. My Polish friends showed me the problem is not Americans. Its the dual citizen Israelis who run America. They hate our Christian beliefs. They want to destroy us.

  3. This is “CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT” supposedly banned by the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution!!! Where’s Congress? We have trash in Congress because we don’t have FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS … we have voting machines which are pre-programmed to SELECT the winner regardless of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!! Our votes mean nothing as long as we use these machines! Go to FRANKSPEECH.COM and learn how to rid our country of these things. Here’s a way to help Ryan’s Give Send Go account listed at the bottom of this Gateway Pundit article: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/call-action-j6-prisoner-ryan-samsel-sends-letter-america/

  4. Most Americans don’t know this is going on and the ones that do know don’t give a shit. This is beyond criminal. First of all he shouldn’t even be in jail as the election was stolen. Something needs to give. Don’t expect our selected representatives to do anything they’re bought and paid for. It’s time to get the pitchforks out.


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