EXCLUSIVE: DEEP STATE DIETY – Father Alex Karloutsos – Connected to Obama and Hillary – Invited Papadopoulos to Cyprus in December 2016

Father Alex Karloutsos is connected to about every Deep State player imaginable – top Democrats and Republicans. Looking back, it is curious why he latched onto George Papadopoulos in December 2016 and took him to Cyprus to meet with Russian connected individuals there.

Fr. Alex Karloutsos, the Head of the Department of Public Affairs for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, knows everyone in US politics, both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Just from images on his wall, Fr. Alex looks like he has been living at the White House since the late seventies. For some unknown reason, Fr. Alex connected with George Papadopoulos after the election and talked him into traveling to Cyprus to meet with politicians there in December 2016. No doubt Fr. Alex wouldn’t travel to Greece with a non-paid intern, unless, he had something to offer.

Fr. Alex was connected to Reince Priebus, amongst others and promised to help young Papadopoulos advance his career –

Next thing you know, Fr. Alex flew with young Papadopoulos to Cyprus where Papadopoulos claims he is part of the Trump team –

Of course Cyprus has a substantial Russian presence. Oleg Deripaska, for instance, is a citizen of both Russia and Cyprus. Did Fr. Alex take young Papadopoulos to Cyprus as part of the Deep State plan to align candidate and President Trump to the Russians? It sure looks that way!

Hat tip D. Manny