EXCLUSIVE: Court Agrees “Seth Rich Is Inextricably Linked” to Russia Collusion Sham and FBI Is Covering It Up | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Court Agrees “Seth Rich Is Inextricably Linked” to Russia Collusion Sham and FBI Is Covering It Up


The Court agrees that “Seth Rich is inextricably linked” to the Russia collusion sham and the FBI is covering it up. 

It’s clear that the corrupt FBI is trying to cover-up the Seth Rich case.

Seth Rich was murdered early in the morning on the streets of Washington D.C..  The murder was labeled a robbery and yet Rich’s wallet, watch and personal belongings were found on his body.  Rich was alive when taken to the hospital but then died hours later.

It was believed that Rich was the one to give DNC related emails to WikiLeaks.  Although Big Media covered up the emails, these emails where shared across the Internet.  They showed massive corruption in the Clinton clan and with Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.  Both lost the 2016 Election to President Trump and it was rumored that Hillary was too drunk to announce her loss so Podesta share with her faithful that she had lost.

In a filing this week, attorney Ty Clevenger again points out to the court how the corrupt FBI is not cooperating with FOIA requests on the Seth Rich matter.

Clevenger shares the following about Seth Rich and the Durham report:

The report was damning for the FBI, and it is acutely relevant here. As this Court has noted previously, Mr. Huddleston’s request for records about Seth Rich is inextricably linked with the FBI’s investigation into Russian “collusion.”

The FBI admits this connection:

In the September 29, 2022, Memorandum, the Court also noted the FBI’s long history of belated revelations about records concerning Seth Rich. Id. And since the Memorandum issued, the FBI and the Department of Justice have admitted that there is a direct link between Seth Rich’s work laptop and Russian “collusion.”

The FBI is compromised and corrupt:

When that history is combined with the new admissions in the Durham Report, the FBI is left without any shred of credibility, and the haughty, dismissive, above-the law tone of Defendant FBI’s Response to Plaintiff’s Corrected Motion for Summary Judgment (“Response”) (Dkt. #118) is even more galling than it would be otherwise.

The FBI keeps covering up the Seth Rich case.

…the Court already knows, the FBI previously concealed its possession of Seth Rich’s personal laptop, his work laptop, and multiple witness
interview forms, apparently because nobody at the FBI thought they were of “sufficient significance” to be indexed.

Clevenger goes on to list the many reasons for the cover-up, including former and fired Peter Strzok being involved.

Here is the filing.

2023.08.25 Reply ISO MSJ (Stamped) Seth Rich Case by Joe Ho on Scribd

The Deep State runs deep and so does their corruption.  

1 thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Court Agrees “Seth Rich Is Inextricably Linked” to Russia Collusion Sham and FBI Is Covering It Up”

  1. I heard Julian on air with Hannity, late 2016, when he all but admitted Seth was the source. I understand his reasoning for not confirming, however this is a huge event.
    The Clinton’s were behind what happened to Seth. All of this leads back to the Clinton camp. Julian could have put a stop to the Russian collusion narrative, Trump narrative had he immediately exposed the information.
    WTF is the point of having a powerful voice, then refuse to use it,especially in the matter of murder.


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