EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Judge Abusing Jan 6 Defendant Kim Sorgente Goes AWOL After Complaints Filed Against Him | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Judge Abusing Jan 6 Defendant Kim Sorgente Goes AWOL After Complaints Filed Against Him

(Judge Michael Murray)

Corrupt Judge Michael Murray has gone AWOL after Jan 6er Kim Sorgente filed motion to have him removed from his case. 

Judge Murray’s actions were reported on last month.  The judge, whose wife works for the FBI, has been abusing Jan 6er Kim Sorgente for more than a year.

When Sorgente requested that the judge be removed from his case, Judge Murray kicked everyone out of his courtroom, handcuffed Sorgente, berated him and ruled that he (himself) will not be removed.

Judge Murray then struck the motion from the record.

Sorgente’s motion highlighted the conflicts of interests which would make a reasonable person suspect bias on the part of Judge Murray – he is married to an FBI agent out of the same District of Sorgente’s J6 FBI arrest, he is a close friend of local Orange County politicians whom Sorgente challenged in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 over Orange County’s COVID restrictions, and the judge simultaneously presiding over Sorgente’s accuser’s numerous separate criminal cases, etc.

Sorgente, who also attended the Jan 6 protests in the Capitol was a witness to the Capitol Police’s actions that led to the death of Rosanne Boyland.

One month before that, in December 2020, Sorgente was attacked when gang members showed up to a freedom rally in Orange County, California, and began attacking women, including with brass knuckles. A melée ensued in which upwards of 15 people were involved; but strangely, several months later only Sorgente was arrested and charged. Sorgente spent 70 days in county jail until making the $100,000 bail while BLM rioters were being released with no bail.

The gang banger, identified as Trinidad Fernando Molina, was using brass knuckles and he assaulted Sorgente.  In defense Sorgente used his bull horn to protect himself.

Molina is the star witness against Sorgente.  (A video of the altercation is included in the post below.)

Molina was apparently arrested again in December of 2021 and missed the court date for that case in March of 2023 and is still listed as a fugitive.

Four of Molina’s five current pending criminal charges are from incidents preceding his encounter with Sorgente.  In spite of all these preceding cases that the documented gang member has, Judge Murray is rushing Sorgente’s case along to trial while having extended Molina’s cases.

In 2022 Judge Michael Murray was investigated on allegations of prosecutorial abuse which were eventually dismissed in December of that year.  California’s judicial watchdog agency dismissed the disciplinary proceedings against Murray.

EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Judge Is Abusing Jan 6 Defendant Kim Sorgente in Case Where Gang Banger Accuser Is a Fugitive

On October 13th, Sorgente filed a “Writ of Mandate” challenging Murray’s illegal decision to rule on the motion for his own disqualification due to conflict of interest. The move by Murray to rule on a motion against him was in itself another example of “conflict of interest” on Murray’s part.  Murray has a month to respond to this motion from Sorgente.

Next on November 3rd, Sorgente appeared in Murray’s courtroom, but Murray was nowhere to be found.  Sorgente’s case was heard by another judge who had to address Sorgente’s motion to compel the prosecutor to provide Orange County DA’s office’s Todd Spitzer statements regarding The Capitol protest on January 6th, 2021.

The statements from Todd Spitzer were false and prejudicial to Sorgente as he had, among other things, claimed a Capitol police officer was beaten to death by the protesters on Jan 6.  This was of course is a lie.

Despite Judge Murray’s previous attempts to rush Sorgente to trial, he has been no where to be found.

Today, (November 9, 2023) Sorgente was called into the court to appear at a secret Grand Jury, Judge Murray was still nowhere to be found.

Orange County, California Deputy District Attorney, Ann Fawaz convened a secret grand jury to indict J6 defendant, Kim Sorgente for local charges stemming from his defending himself from Soros supported La Raza thugs.

The action by Fawaz is yet another controversial move in a case full of contradictions and controversies that are proving to tarnish the reputation of District Attorney, Todd Spitzer’s office.

Today’s move by prosecutor Fawaz of empaneling a secret grand jury, which was not open to the public nor even defendant Sorgente, is an attempt to avoid scrutiny and oversight concerning her mishandling of this case.

Fresh off the heels of a recent legal defeat where Sorgente, through the filing of a motion to compel, forced Deputy DA Fawaz to provide documentation of her office’s public and false statements regarding Sorgente and the Capitol protest; Fawaz fired back with a six day notice to Sorgente to participate in the grand jury proceedings.

Today, however, Sorgente was barred from the secret proceedings and told to leave after waiting outside the heavily reinforced door for an hour inside the Central Justice Center courthouse.

Prosecutors convening grand juries are often seen as controversial steps due the seldomness of their occurrence and the lack of transparency that these proceedings entail.  Prosecutor, Ann Fawaz, who normally prosecutes violent sex crimes; has devoted much time and county resources in her admitted political pursuit of Sorgente.

The convening of a grand jury may prove to backfire, however, because she as prosecutor is obligated to present to the grand jury evidence beneficial to Sorgente’s defense.  This includes the evidence of the accuser’s gang membership, use of an illegal deadly weapons, and violent attacks on women prior the interactions with Sorgente. Should she fail to disclose these highly important factors in her achieving of an indictment against Sorgente from the grand jury, the case can be dismissed.  What will be the outcome of the secret proceedings remains to be seen.

We have no idea what transpired in the Grand Jury today.  However, Sorgente and entrepreneur and good friend Tony Roman are as always, upbeat.

Sorgente’s next court date is January 2024.  This all has greatly interfered with Sorgente’s defense participation in both his state and federal cases as well as his ability to use the resources provided for him to find stable housing.

Meanwhile, Molina… Sorgente’s gang banger accuser with brass knuckles, enjoys an abundance of time to prepare for his numerous criminal cases with no trial date scheduled or much less, a preliminary hearing date anywhere on the calendar.

This is justice California style. 

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