EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt DOJ Won’t Stop – Now Targeting George Papadopoulos’s Wife for FARA Violation | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt DOJ Won’t Stop – Now Targeting George Papadopoulos’s Wife for FARA Violation

The corrupt DOJ just won’t stop. 

Even before the Durham report showed that the entire Trump-Russia collusion sham was a lie, the DOJ was already targeting George Papadopoulos’s wife, Simona.

In an exclusive report, Simona Mangiante shared information on how the corrupt DOJ is now targeting her for a FARA violation.   This is the same “crime” that the corrupt gang in the DOJ used to take down Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn.

Simona shared that she is now being targeted again by the Deep State DOJ.   They are accusing her of being an Italian agent and not a Russian agent which was alluded to in the past.  The reason for this is that Ms. Papadopoulos ran for a Senate seat in Italy in 2022, an election that she eventually lost.

The DOJ sent a letter to Simona insinuating that she should apply for a FARA because she was accused of being an Italian agent.

In the letter the DOJ then requested a number of things from George Papadopoulos’s wife.  The DOJ asked questions about various relationships she has.

The DOJ notes that they started an investigation on Ms. Papadopoulos.

The letter is signed by the Head of the corrupt FARA Department at the DOJ, Jennifer Kennedy Gellie.

According to far-left law.com, Ms. Gellie replaced the corrupt former FARA Head from the Mueller examination, Brandon Van Grack.  The article notes that indictments made by Van Grack but ignores this week’s bombshell from Durham that the entire operation was a big, fat Hillary, Obama, Biden, and Comey lie.

The U.S. Justice Department has named Jennifer Kennedy Gellie, a career federal prosecutor with experience bringing espionage cases, as the new leader of a unit tasked with enforcing rules requiring the disclosure of lobbying and other political influence work for foreign powers, according to people familiar with the move.

Gellie succeeds Brandon Van Grack, who took over the unit in 2019 after serving on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller III’s team in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. As a member of Mueller’s office, Van Grack played a prominent role in the prosecutions of former President Donald Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and the former president’s onetime campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who was convicted at trial on a slate of financial charges.

Simona shared that she and her husband believe that her testimony on Joseph Mifsud, the key person who told George Papadopoulos that Russia had information on Hillary Clinton,  discredited Mifsud in the make-believe Trump-Russia lie.  She testified that Mifsud was close to the Democrats which crashed their lies.  She knew who he was.

Crooked cop Robert Mueller would not answer any questions about Mifsud when in front of Congress in 2019.

We found out later that Mifsud was planted next to US Embassy for a year.

Simona says that she and George have been smeared and she believes the corrupt DOJ will continue attacking until they are held responsible.

See below interview with ‘Coffee and a Mike’ below:

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