EXCLUSIVE: British Intel Specialist at Bellingcat, Aric Toler, Created Disinformation Campaign Related to Allen, Texas Shooter

British Intel Specialist at Bellingcat, Aric Toler, pushed a disinformation campaign over the weekend about the Allen, Texas killer, labeling him as a Nazi.  

The far-left and communist fact-checkers label conservative speech as hate speech when conservatives share the truth but push real hate speech themselves.  Talk about projection. 

This past weekend a British Intel Specialist at Bellingcat made up a story that the killer in Allen, Texas was a Nazi.

Official reports never mentioned a Nazi relationship.  ABC in Texas reported:

The suspect in the Allen outlet mall shooting has been identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is conducting the investigation.

Garcia was killed by police at the scene of the shooting on Saturday, when eight victims were killed at the Allen Premium Outlets.

According to a search warrant obtained exclusively by WFAA, investigators found several handguns, long guns and ammunition inside Garcia’s gray 2014 Dodge Charger at the scene of the shooting.

The warrant did not list the weapon that was used.

Later Saturday night, there were multiple FBI agents inside a home in the northeast patrol division of Dallas, and there were Dallas police outside. Multiple sources said this is the home where the suspected shooter, Garcia, lived along with his parents.

It was later reported that Garcia was recently kicked out of the military after only a few months.

The truth didn’t stop Aric Toler from pushing a narrative that the shooter was a Nazi.

The problem was Toler grabbed pics from an article at the New York Post to associate the killer Garcia as a Nazi.  It was total disinformation.

The post was taken from an article in the New York Post.  It didn’t have any connection to the shooter.  It was garbage.  Toler took it down later.  His work was over.  The damage was done.

Our friend at XRVision put this together.

Belligcat is the ultimate disinformation network. It’s a front for British Intel.  The Brits should mind their own business.

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