EXCLUSIVE: Biden/Obama Used Climate Change as an Excuse to Help Iran Kill Israelis | Joe Hoft


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EXCLUSIVE: Biden/Obama Used Climate Change as an Excuse to Help Iran Kill Israelis

The Biden gang hates Israel.  They used climate change as an excuse to help Iran kill Israelis. 

Barack Obama hated Israel.  You could see it in the way he interacted with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Christmas Day 2016, days before candidate Trump was to be sworn in as the incoming President, Obama not only was working on plans to destroy President Trump’s Administration, he was doing all he could to destroy Israel.  On that day the UN with Obama’s help handed over numerous holy sites in Israel to the Palestinians.

NEVER FORGET=> On Christmas Day 2016 Barack Obama Signed Over Judaism and Christendom’s Holiest Sites to Muslims

Obama appears to be running the Biden Administration.  Many would argue that he is.  The entire staff in the White House is built around Obama people.  The hate of Israel continues.

Kash Patel penned a piece at The Gateway Pundit last night that discussed the Biden/Obama Administration’s focus on threats to the US and its allies.  Climate change was placed above terrorism.  This shows in every action this Administration makes and its deadly.

The National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF), is the bulwark of our national security efforts. What is the NIPF? Simply defined, amongst a multi-tier threat analysis, each White House is charged with the duty of prioritizing the greatest threats to the United States and our allies. In the Trump administration, this was simple, AQ, ISIS, and foreign terrorist organizations were all top priorities. Each year the White House creates a new rack and stack within the NIPF, for example during Biden’s first year, climate change was the top priority. Don’t believe me, his DoD’s first CONOP (concept of operations, the mandate that moves the DoD’s rudder) was on climate change. Not terrorists, not the CCP, not Iran, and not the cartels (like we did during Trump’s term), but the weather. There’s your critical intelligence failure driven by Biden’s desire to weaponize intelligence for political narrative purposes. And it was intentional. That’s the difference between Trump and Biden. Now the world sees what happens when you do not…

…When you demand the thousands of IC officials whose entire careers are spent fighting against actual top tier threats, and force them to study climate change and diversity, this is the result. We cannot expect America, nor its allies, to destroy terrorism, when you have demanded them to guard the setting sun. Trump had dedicated intelligence and defense cells focused against Hamas, Iran, and Shia militia groups. That work can only be stopped by reorganization of the NIPF at the charge of the commander-in-chief. It’s not complicated government gymnastics, rather simply government weaponization to satisfy a destructive radical agenda and the media.

Don’t believe me, here’s another dose of reality, Jake Sullivan, the current national security advisor to the president, and author of the false Russia Gate Alfa Bank narrative, definitely declared just one week ago, the Middle East has never been more at peace. How’s that aging?

When you have corrupt Government Gangsters running our national security, this is the result. As a side note, since we sent 7 years worth of surface to air missile defense systems (just one example) to the Ukraine along with $120 billion, what happens when Israel calls on us for aid.

It’s difficult to believe that the Obama/Biden Administration didn’t knew that Iran would use billions gifted by the Obama regime to kill Israelis.  My bet is this was intentional. 

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