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EXCLUSIVE: Biden Gang Announces Plans to Steal the 2024 Election

Just like with COVID and the 2020 Steal, the Deep State and the Biden Gang have announced their intentions to steal the 2024 Election. 

Irrelevant Rolling Stone magazine came out with a totally garbage piece this weekend about the upcoming 2024 Election.  It perhaps is the Deep States most dishonest piece ever.

This piece is reminiscent of the 2020 piece in the Deep State journal of choice (The Atlantic) that was published about the upcoming 2020 Election.  In this piece, David Frum represented the goons in the corrupt and anti-American Deep State discussing the results of the Transition Integrity Project.  This report portrayed President Trump as planning to steal the 2020 Election.  Of course, this was total projection and the opposite of what happened. Yet, in a sense it portrayed the corrupt actions that they would take to steal the 2020 Election.

This weekend the Rolling Stone magazine shared the following totally dishonest piece to date about the stolen 2020 Election, yet it hints at what the Biden gang are going to do in 2024 to steal this upcoming election.  Here is how it begins:

For years, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that if he doesn’t win the 2024 presidential election, he is willing to cheat and steal it. Since President Joe Biden’s inaugural address, according to sources with intimate knowledge of the situation, Biden and his inner circle have been drawing up meticulous plans and creating a large legal network focused on wargaming a close election finish, in which the former president and Republican Party launch a scorched-earth, Big Liefueled crusade.

Long before Trump began leading in battleground-state polling — and years before he was a declared 2024 candidate — the ex-president and many of his influential allies were already busy plotting ways to tilt the election in his favor. These yearslong efforts, conducted both secretly and out in the open, have already yielded tangible results for Trump and the conservative election denier movement. These wide-ranging operations have alarmed the Democratic Party elite, who aren’t just worried about Biden’s sagging poll numbers. Numerous Democratic lawmakers, operatives, Biden campaign advisers, and administration officials tell Rolling Stone that if the president does ultimately beat Trump this November, the election will be exceedingly close.

Over the past year, Team Biden has been conducting war games, crafting complex legal strategies, and devoting extensive resources to prepare for, as one former senior Biden administration official puts it, “all-hell-breaks-loose” scenarios. The preparations include planning for a contingency in which Biden’s margin of victory is so razor-thin that Trump and the GOP launch a tidal wave of legal challenges and political maneuvers to rerun his 2020 election strategy: declare victory anyways, and try to will it into existence.

“President Biden has been worried, for a while now, that Donald Trump is going to try to steal the election, if it’s very close on Election Day,” says a source familiar with Biden’s thinking. “If that ends up being the case, we are… also expecting the Republican Party to go into overdrive to help him steal it. We are continuing to build out the infrastructure to ensure that doesn’t happen — again — if President Biden wins and Trump and MAGA Republicans try to confuse [everyone] and sow chaos.”

The fact is that the Biden gang is back in the works of stealing the next election.  They can’t produce a runaway election because that would too obvious.  They are going to barely steal contests in multiple states like they did in 2020.  They got away with it and will do it again.  This is obvious.

This piece goes on the lie about Jan 6 labeling President Trump the instigator of Jan 6. It uses “sources” which is Deep State code for it being totally made up and claims to have sources on both sides of the isle.

(We know now that the 2020 election was indeed stolen and my books on The Steal lay it all out from a professional auditors perspective.)

Any attempt by Trump to try and undermine the 2024 election would likely look different than 2020, if only because he lacks the legal authority and access to federal resources he enjoyed as president.

Still, Team Biden has been planning for years sketching out what Trump could do as the leader of the GOP, and has partnered with the Democratic National Committee and a vast network of liberal attorneys and legal groups to conduct similar doomsday-style wargaming.

One swing-state Democratic election official involved with these efforts refers to it as a “superstructure” of various legal teams and liberal operatives who “are going to fight [Team Trump and election deniers] on all fronts and let them have it from all sides, if MAGA wants to tear down our democracy.”

According to two Biden campaign officials and two other sources with knowledge of the operation, draft pleadings and legal motions, for all kinds of possible Trump-related emergencies, are already written and at the ready. In critical swing states such as Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, Team Biden is regularly in contact with an array of outside counsels and local law firms that have been retained to actively monitor what is happening on the ground, including with regards to the activism of election-denying Trump allies.

Bidenworld’s closely-held list of nightmare scenarios — in which Democratic legal teams would have to battle it out tooth and nail with Republican counterparts before, during, or after Election Day 2024 — has grown “comically long,” says one source with direct knowledge of the matter. Biden campaign officials and other Democrats familiar with the topic tell Rolling Stone that a key concern, for which step-by-step gameplanning has already begun, is how to robustly respond if Trump and other leading Republicans try to engineer another Jan. 6-style power grab.

Rolling Stone is silent on the election systems, processes and support from the 2020 election that are still in place even after seemingly daily reports being revealed showing new methods of wrongdoing from that election.

It’s clear the Democrats are going to do all they can to steal the 2024 Election.  No one voted for Biden in 2020, and no one will in 2024.  The Democrats have to keep it close to give it an air of reality.  They have the systems and the corrupt actors, NGOs and attorneys.

It’s time to pray for miracles for this nation and this world asking God to protect us from another Democrat – Globalist steal of another US Election. 

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  1. Sure Bidumb’s handlers are going to steal again…why wouldnt they…you have a congress full of GOP EUNUCH COWARDS who hate their base. What would anyone think is going to happen.


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