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EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Offers the Keys to Victory When Fighting Satanism of the New Order

The below was shared with me from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano as was reported by Medias Presse Info.

July 29, 2023 – Conference of Archbishop Viganò for the fifth summer school of Civitas: “For or against Our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Fighting Satanism of the New Order: The Keys to Victory

Pontmain, Saturday 29 July 2023

34Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth;
I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
35For I have come to separate the son from the father, the daughter from the mother,
the daughter-in-law from the mother-in-law:
36and man’s enemies will be those of his house. (Mt 10:34-36]

Allow me, dear friends, to address my greeting to all the organizers of this new edition of the Summer University of Civitas, especially to President Alain Escada; speakers who, through their interventions, clarify the different aspects of the current civil and ecclesial crisis; to the participants who, by their presence, confirm the determination of good Catholics to lead the bonum certamen – the good fight – under the banner of Christ the King. These meetings of doctrinal, cultural and social formation are the sign of an awakening of consciences and hearts: Quia hora est jam nos de somno surgere. Nunc enim propior est nostra salus, quam credimonius ; now is the time to wake up from sleep, for our salvation is nearer now than when we became believers (Rom 13:11).

The coherence of the Good

As there is a coherence of Goodthere is also a coherence of Evil. The Good, a substantial attribute of God, has its own coherence also in what participates in it: is consistent with the Good the love of the mother who prepares the snack for her children; the concern of the entrepreneur towards his employees; the preparation of lessons by the teacher; the physician’s dedication to his or her patients; the availability of the priest in the care of the souls entrusted to him. Even ironing a shirt, cultivating the garden, organizing a conference, celebrating a birthday with loved ones becomes consistent with who we are, because we behave according to what we are: Agere sequitur esse (action follows being).

Those who live in the Good and therefore in the True; those who “breathe” the Good – from church celebrations to acquaintances with like-minded people and family education – do not need to want to do good, because it comes spontaneously in a good soul. And this is exactly what Grace accomplishes in us, making actions in themselves morally neutral – or only humanly good – virtuous works, where habit in Good becomes Virtue and permeates our whole life; and by adding to the actions that are good in the natural order that quid, that something that elevates them in the supernatural order by directing them towards a higher goal.

On the other hand, when one loves the Lord, what could one desire more beautiful and fulfilling than doing His Will? And what could be more motivating, in our relations with our neighbor, than to make known to him this Holy True, who is also supremely Good and Just? Bonum diffusivum sui, according to the scholastic adage: the good is diffusive of oneself, inclined to spread. This is demonstrated to us by the work of the Creator, who out of nothing gives rise to all things visible and invisible; this is confirmed to us by the work of the Redeemer, who removes from the abyss of offense to the divine Majesty the rebellious man in Adam, by the Sacrifice of the God-Man.

The Coherence of Evil

But as there is coherence in Good, there is coherence in Evil. And these actions that we consider apparently not serious – if we do not contextualize them – turn out to be the cogs of a gear, perhaps insignificant, but which allow it to function, and without which the machine would block.

This is why Evil – which ontologically is a non-being, an absence of Good – seeks to infiltrate our souls in small steps, causing gradual falls, making sure that it does not arouse in us any worry or remorse; Then it grows and develops like cancer. And where Good brings more good, Evil calls for more evil, accustoming us to it, and to all that it leads us towards.

The infernal plans of the globalist elite – whose intrinsic malice we have discovered – are also consistent with each other, because they are driven by the Adversary’s hatred of Christ. Bill Gates’ plan to darken the sun and vaccinate the world’s population; George Soros’ plan to invade Western countries with hordes of Muslims and undermine the natural family by funding the woke and LGBTQ movements; Klaus Schwab’s plan to force us to eat insects or confine ourselves to 15-minute smart cities; Harari’s to erase the idea of a transcendent God and rewrite a “politically correct” Bible; the deep state’s plan to centralize citizen control with digital identity, electronic money and vote manipulation; Bergoglio’s plan to transform the Church into an agency of the UN and the World Economic Forum in Davos are not autonomous plans implemented without any connection to each other.

In everything that has happened in recent decades in a more subterranean form and more recently in a much more obvious way, we can recognize a spirit, an intelligence capable of giving a seemingly infallible and implacable organization. Because we must admit it: those who have built this infernal machine, in which all the gears seem to turn perfectly, show a superior, angelic, even satanic intelligence.

The apparent victory of the villains

The realization of the organizational effectiveness of the bad guys should not frighten us, nor make us give up fighting their plans. Indeed, I believe that it is precisely this “perfection”, almost mechanical, soulless, in the enemy camp that will end up constituting its own condemnation: Simul stabunt, simul cadent, recites the Latin adage. And it will be exactly so, because the triumph of evil is a fiction, a simulation, a staging based – like everything that comes from Satan – on appearance and lies.

Let’s go back for a moment to Easter in the year 33. Let us place ourselves among those who, in Jerusalem, witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus, after having seen Him perform miracles and healings. Even on Golgotha, in the absence of the Apostles, Lucifer’s staging was to mark the defeat of the Messiah, the dispersion of His disciples, the forgetfulness of His teaching, the disavowal of His divinity. But precisely on the Cross, an instrument of death and infamy, the destiny of humanity is reversed by the One who, with the death of the body, restored the life of the soul, and who, allowing Himself to be nailed to this wood, nailed hell to it. O mors, ero mors tua. Our nature, wounded by original sin, does not resign itself to understanding that Christ’s victory is accomplished according to the logic of charity and not hatred, and that it is all the more inexorable and definitive as a greater margin of action is left to God, and how much less on the part of His children trust in human means.

Satan the illusionist

So let us not judge the apparent “viver lieto de’ maligni” [the apparently happy life of the wicked] of Psalm 36 as a sign of inevitable defeat. This impressive display of forces, this realistic scenography, these impressive choreographies are the only resource from which the great Liar can draw, and the only way to make us believe that he is powerful and invincible. A great magician, that is certain: but as such, he can astonish us as an illusionist, deceive us with his tricks, which outside the stage and in the sunlight show themselves in their pathetic inconsistency. The rabbit game extracted from the hat – namely: respect for the environment, the health of citizens, universal brotherhood – or the spectacle of the woman sawn in two work as long as the audience remains at a distance and is deceived by the darkness and theatrical gestures of the magician. On the other hand, who among the spectators of a “magic” show or among the passers-by who linger in the corridors of the subway to observe the game of the three boxes could believe that this is the reality? Who would give credit to a Dr. Dulcamara who proposes, as in Donizetti’s work, a drug “odontalgic, admirable liquor, powerful destroyer of mice and bedbugs?” (Felice Romani, L’elisir d’amore, scene V, Dulcamara).

Fiction—or more accurately, sales fraud, because it is a fraudulent sale—is the hallmark of Satan’s trade. Buy my specimen, I’m almost giving it to you. This junk merchant, this crook – and with him all his servants, no less busy selling their concoctions – is reminiscent of certain characters who, until some time ago, in the parking lots of motorway restaurants, offered the unwary a VCR for a few euros, which turned out to be a case weighed down by a brick; or those who, in exchange for a sum for notarial instruction, promise by email the inheritance of a barely deceased African millionaire. But if we all know perfectly well that behind these lofty promises hides only a fraud against us, why are there still some to believe it? Wasn’t the efficacy of experimental mRNA serum inoculated in bulk just as patently wrong? Isn’t the narrative of the energy crisis, achieved by imposing sanctions on Europe’s largest exporter of natural gas, just as ridiculous? Isn’t environmental fraud grotesquely unfounded? Yet, looking around, it seems that many, if not a large majority, is more than willing to believe the lies of these Dulcamara, these bonimenteurs who from the World Economic Forum or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Union or the World Health Organization extol the virtues of their miraculous filters: Universal income, abolition of poverty, defeat of disease, world peace. Only to discover that we have to pay for this universal income by going into debt and renouncing private property, that their “abolition of poverty” leads to the misery of individuals and nations, that BigPharma wants us to be chronic patients, that the peace of the New World Order means perpetual war.

How was this possible?

Many in recent years have wondered: How was it possible that so much of humanity could have consented to all this? If we look back – going back to the eighties, for example, before high finance decided to attack the European nations with the privatization of state assets and with the definitive destruction of society and the family, already begun long before – it seems almost impossible to us that in such a short time the Enemy could have advanced so impressively without arousing significant reactions and resistance. And if we listen to the words of those whom Roncalli called prophets of doom, who, from the first sessions of Vatican II, announced the apostasy to which the Council would lead, it seems unthinkable that their authoritative warnings could have been ignored and even deserved the condemnation and ostracism of those who launched them. from the Supreme Pastors.

And here we return to fraud, to the adulteration of faith, morals, liturgy, the culpable deception of those who, constituted in authority, reveal themselves as enemies of those whom they should rather protect, and friends of those whom they should fight or convert. Deception than the chimera of a brotherhood devoid of the common fatherhood of God; deception that the actuosa participatio which destroyed public worship by Protestantizing it; deception that the common priesthood of the faithful, fraudulently insinuated to the Council to weaken the hierarchical priesthood; deception that the so-called democratization of the Church, that the divine Founder wanted monarchical and that no human authority can ever change; deceiving that ecumenism by which the Divine Majesty is humiliated at the level of prostitution, as Scripture eloquently calls false religions. All the gods of the pagans are demons (Ps 96:5) and the sacrifices of the pagans are offered to demons and not to God (1 Cor 10:20).

The right question

Let us try to reformulate the question more clearly: How was it possible that peoples who grew up in the heritage of Greek and Roman thought, in the light of Christian Revelation and the civilization it engendered, decided to believe a manifest lie, namely that peace, concord, prosperity and happiness are possible far from God, still more by openly siding with an enemy whom Christ has already defeated and defeated?

On closer inspection, we could have asked this question also to Adam and Eve: You were in the earthly Paradise; you enjoyed the Lord’s familiarity and conversed with Him; You suffered neither sickness nor death; you had an agile intelligence in learning and understanding; you were not subject to the lust of the flesh… you had everything, because you had God. Well, how could you believe the Serpent, promising yourself that by disobeying the Lord’s command you would get what you already had? when it was obvious that a creeping creature could never have competed with the omnipotence of the Creator?

We find similar promises in the temptations to which Our Lord wanted to submit to the wilderness: even then, Satan offers the Master of all things the realms of the earth that already belong to Him, daring to ask Him in exchange for an idolatrous act of worship as absurd as it is impossible. All this will be yours, if in prostrating you adore me (Lk 4:7). To these absurdities dictated by a misguided and obstinate mind in a perverted will, the Lord responds by quoting Scripture, without even deigning to argue their falsity. Because with the devil there is no discussion: it is wasted time. Satan must be cast out and kept away.

The sin of modern and contemporary man

The colossal fraud that has been hatched against modern man is no different from that which marked the downfall of our first parents: believing in lies as such, subverting the divine order. We ourselves were not really deceived, for the deception was obvious from the beginning: to become sicut dii – like gods – by eating the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil or to claim that surgical amputations can turn a man into a woman; Offering the firstborn to Baal or killing them in their mother’s womb so as not to increase the carbon footprint is virtually identical. What Satan asks us is not so much to perform a wrongdoing, but to make us do it by accepting as true that it has no consequences: throw yourself out of this tower, and your angels will come to support you. Get vaccinated with this experimental serum, and you’ll make a gesture of love. Buy a child with surrogacy, and you’ll be a parent. Give up your freedom, and you will be free. Buy what you can’t afford: it will put you in debt forever, and you’ll be happy. Lock your elderly mother in a hospice, and she will be cared for by the staff who will make her feel good. Let your child change sex and he will be fulfilled. Let the state be secular and legislate without conditions on the part of the Church, and harmony will reign among the followers of all religions.

None of these promises even have any semblance of truth: they are all lies, and as such, the Prince of Lies wants us to accept them, because with them we accept the subversion of the divine order. That is why it is not a mistake, but a sin for which we are morally responsible.

The consequences of accepting lies

The concept of tolerance of evil – which, in still Christian societies, could somehow allow limited exceptions for a higher good – has been erased by civil society and by the Church when, having lost the transcendent reference of the Supreme Good and the absolute Truth – the Lord God – there is no longer any harm in tolerating. nor any property to protect. Because the simultaneous acceptance of the Truth and its negation – falsehood – are a logical contradiction, even before a theological one. And this is the result of a process that I believe deserves to be analyzed very carefully.

Subversion by means of authority

The process to which I refer is this sequence of interrelated events that has led the Catholic Church – and with it the Nations in which Catholics are present and socially influential – to personalize the relationship of the faithful with God where it was public (worship, liturgy) and to collectivize, so to speak, the relationship of the faithful with God. where it was personal (conversion, prayer, meditation, ascetic and mystical experience). This inversion – borrowed from the Protestants – ensures that the action of public worship of the Church becomes a moment of self-celebration of individuals and groups, and not the choral voice of the Bride; and at the same time it cancels the intimate union of the soul with its Lord – which is accomplished only in individual recollection – to exalt a “community”, to give it consistency and attractiveness because of a “walk together”, without purpose.

Hieratic normality, above time and space, gives way to the temporary character of experience, to the unknown of the result, to pathetic creativity or sacrilegious improvisation. And this, necessarily, extends to civilian life, where the witness of the Catholic is not only not necessary, but must even be deplored; and where politicians, even if nominally Catholic, can legislate contrary to the Law of God and the Church. Because each of them is convinced that he can think in one way and act in the opposite direction, when in reality he ends up thinking on the basis of the way he acts.

The Role of the “Deep Church”

As long as the Hierarchy of the Church has been faithful to its mandate, every persecution of anti-Catholic and revolutionary governments has been confronted with honor and firmness, often even with the heroism of martyrdom, as in the Vendée, Mexico, Spain, the Soviet Union, China… But as soon as Vatican II “reset” the Hierarchy in a liberal and progressive sense, it was it that promoted the secularization of society and the voluntary exclusion of Church and religion from any sphere of civil life, going so far as to call for the revision of the Concordats. In the space of a few generations, the Christian civilization built thanks to the Catholic Church has been denied and forgotten, to the point of undermining the foundations of the social pact. These are not statistics or figures – which can nevertheless be documented – but a radical change in society, in the principles that animate its citizens, in the hope that grandparents and parents have for future generations. I am talking about the ability of our grandparents and parents to give up so many comforts to guarantee education or a home for their children; I am talking about the disintegration of the family with divorce, with the deliberate creation of an economic crisis that makes it impossible to be autonomous, to be able to marry and educate children, to know that civil and religious authorities are friends and not hostile and opposed to each other.

It also led generations to gradually but inexorably lose all that heritage of daily behavior, idioms, habits that were the practical translation of the way of being of a Catholic; an abandonment that has been encouraged by those who have instilled in citizens and the faithful a feeling of shame for their past, for their history, their traditions, their faith. It is disconcerting that this betrayal was consummated without reaction, having been imposed from above both in the civil sphere and – unheard-of – in the ecclesial sphere.

The secularity of the State, with which nations rid themselves of the Lordship of Christ, constitutes the philosophical and theological basis on which the dissolution of Christian society could be theorized. Without the principle of state secularism, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, genetic manipulation and transhumanism could never have been introduced into national legislation. And this has happened with the decisive support of the deep Church since the sixties, and more recently with the total subservience of the Catholic hierarchy to the 2030 Agenda: even Archbishop Hector Aguer, former Archbishop of La Plata in Argentina has also recognized this (here).

The disintegration of the family

All this is gone: no young member of a modern family has ever heard of how people once lived, what we believed, what we hoped for. On the other hand, where are the grandparents, who once took care of their grandchildren and passed on to them the memories of their ancestors, their wisdom, their simple religiosity? It was the grandparents who took their grandchildren to pray before the image of Our Lady, taught them prayers, how to examine their conscience, how to recite a Requiem as they passed the cemetery, teaching them the meaning of obedience to parents, honesty, the word given. Freemasonry has eliminated the elderly, turning them into commodities for clinic activity or exterminating them with gene serum or forced ventilation. Their absence, for decades, has been accompanied by a frontal attack on women, in their role as wife and mother: another element of cohesion of the demolished family, another rampart torn down. The attack on the father figure – hitherto modeled on the authority and goodness of God the Father – was carried out with the corruption of morals, with pornography, with promiscuity and finally – having broken the umbilical cord that links sexuality to the conjugal relationship aimed at procreation – the man, the husband, the father, the citizen was further destroyed, stigmatizing his masculinity as “toxic,” effminating it, castrating it in the will and intellect; by placing the means (the legitimate pleasure of the conjugal act) before the natural end (procreation), and then substituting the means for the end. And children, separated from their working parents, find on television, on the Internet, on social networks, or applications, at school and everywhere a new oracle, an entity that relieves them of the responsibility of choosing by telling them what to think, what to want and against whom to direct their frustrations. Et inimici domini domestici ejus (Mt 10:36). This entity – to which power would like to recognize almost divine characteristics, simulating the faculties of human intelligence – proposes a new ecological creed, exalts new green and woke virtues, designates new masters, celebrates its liturgies. Because it presents itself as a religion and as such it requires the assent of its followers and obedience to its ministers.

The State Religion

The system of indoctrination is experimented, and throughout history it has changed only a few details due to the times or technological progress, but it has always preserved the original scheme. And it is this pattern that we must know, if we want to oppose it in all its forms: health, energy, climate, military, financial, religious. A pattern that is undeniably inspired not only by the abolition of the only true Religion, but also by its replacement by the Luciferian religion of progress, humanity, fraternity, Mother Earth. So let us not be surprised if the initial pretext with which Freemasonry undermined the authority of the Catholic Church in the name of religious freedom fails, to leave unchallenged dominance – also recognized at the institutional level – to the only religion compatible with the ideology of the New World Order: the worship of Satan. Who, after having hidden for two centuries behind Prometheus and the goddess Reason, is now publicly exposed and claims for himself that exclusivity that he had reproached and denied to the true Church, to the point of becoming “state religion”, to impose his absurd dogmas and false beliefs on the international community, to indoctrinate children and young people in schools, to compel citizens to abide by its precepts.

It seems that we are witnessing a worldwide revival of paganism as under the reign of Julian the Apostate: a kind of revenge of idolatrous cults on the Religion of Christ, a revenge of darkness on the Light. But this, as we know, is ontologically impossible.

A website has been activated exsurgedomineorg on which it is possible to follow and support ongoing projects

“Exsurge Domine” defends Ecclesiam Tuam

In the face of the abdication of civil authority, many groups around the world are organizing to oppose violations of fundamental freedoms, denounce them where possible, coordinate aid to those ostracized because of their resistance. It is not a substitution of power, nor a form of sedition: it is the necessary response – while waiting for better times – of those who see their future, their property, their very lives threatened.

I considered it my duty as Pastor to take a similar initiative in the ecclesial field, giving life to the Exsurge Domine Association, to counter the persecution that priests and traditional religious suffer at the hands of the Bergoglian sect because of their fidelity to the Church of Christ, now infested with traitors. corrupt and mercenaries. Exsurge Domine, under my personal patronage and control, wants to help clerics, religious, monks and nuns deprived of means of subsistence, expelled from their monastery, persecuted by superiors because they are linked to the Apostolic Liturgy or because they do not want to deny the charism of their Order. Parish priests who, from one day to the next, are removed from their parish; nuns to whom Rome imposes a modernist abbess; clerics reduced to the lay state without due process and with infamous accusations: all these good souls, lovers of the Lord and faithful to the Church, need material help, spiritual support, legal and canonical assistance.

I ask everyone to be the promoters of this initiative with your acquaintances and friends, and to contribute according to your possibilities to the financing of our first project: the construction of a monastic village in the province of Viterbo, where to welcome the community of Benedictine nuns of Pienza, heavily persecuted by the Holy See and their Bishop. Your support, also through prayer, will enable so many good priests and religious not to succumb to the Bergoglian purges and to be able to exercise the ministry or follow the charism they have generously chosen according to God’s will.


Bank: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma, Via Sabotino 612 – Roma
Owner: Associazione Exsurge Domine
IBAN: IT19I0832703399000000026930

Bank: Poste Italiane Spa, Piazza Matteotti, 37 – Siena
Owner: Associazione Exsurge Domine
IBAN: IT31V0760114200001065628511


I would like to conclude my speech by referring precisely to this place, Pontmain, where the Virgin Mary appeared on January 17, 1871, invoked under the title of Our Lady of France.

Shortly thereafter, on March 18, the Franco-Prussian War would end, with the defeat of Napoleon, and the riots of the following March will give birth to the Paris Commune. In this circumstance, French Freemasonry (of socialist inspiration and linked to the centers of cultural power) organized a revolution (here) which was however drowned in blood the following May by the intervention of the government of Versailles, on the orders of English Freemasonry (which is rather liberal and linked to institutional power). Today, this gap between the different Freemasonry has been overcome by a pactum sceleris that unites them – concilium fecerunt in unum (Ps 70:10) – with the common goal of completing the establishment of the New World Order, a necessary premise for the reign of the Antichrist.

The Blessed Virgin, during the apparition in Pontmain, said nothing. At his feet unfolds a scroll in gold letters: Pray, my children. God will answer you very soon. My Son allows himself to be touched by the Heart. Well, even today, these words of comfort remain valid and true: the Lord will respond very soon, because there are many good souls who, in this phase of apostasy and crisis of authority, awaken from the torpor in which they have remained too long.

The infernal fraud of globalism is doomed to total failure: there is not the slightest doubt about it. The Babel of the New World Order will sink under the weight of its lies, an unmistakable mark of the devil’s work. It is our duty to proclaim the Truth, to remind the world that the only salvation comes from Christ, Prince of Peace, to whom the Lordship over the Nations and the Church that has been usurped from Him by a rebellious and corrupt authority must be restored. May the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of Victories and Mediatrix of All Graces, hasten the end of this tribulation, so that her words spoken at Fatima in 1917 may be fulfilled: In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

© Translation by F. de Villasmundo for MPI proofread and corrected by Bishop Viganò

(1) The video of the conference of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò given in Pontmain on July 29, 2023 for the fifth UDT of Civitas:


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