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EXCLUSIVE: American Tax Payors Must Be Paying the Tab as Soros Cuts Back on Funding to His Open Society Foundation

What’s going on?  Top corrupt fascist Democrat donors are cutting back on their donations to far-left non-profits. 

What’s really going on?

This past week we heard that top Democrat donor Alex Soros, the son of former Nazi accomplice in stealing from the Jews in World War II, George Soros, will be cutting funds to one of its “non-profits”.

The Daily Mail reports:

A nonprofit organization set up by billionaire George Soros is set to cut nearly half its workforce under its new leadership.

Open Society Foundations announced Friday it would lay off at least 40 percent of its 800-person-strong workforce as its new chairman, Alex Soros, plans to use his family’s $25billion fortune to advocate for more woke causes and become more involved in elections.

He and President Mark Malloch-Brown said in a statement they would implement ‘significant changes to the foundation’s operating model… in the coming months.’

Soros is one of three top donors to the Democrats.  But recently entities were found that were funded by Soros and the US government.  Some of these entities were involved in censoring conservatives.

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Why would Soros stop funding his operations around the globe to destroy freedoms like those in the USA?  The only logical reason is because the US government is picking up the tab and replacing the funding of non-profits formerly funded by Soros’s Open Society.

This is the most likely scenario.  More and more we find that the US government is funding far-left causes to destroy this country, and nothing gets done about it.  Why would the Democrats spend their own money on these causes if the US government is now footing the bill?

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