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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Soros Who Now Runs the Soros Family Business Is Tied to Devil’s Heaven Event in NY Where Children Were Exposed to Lewd Activities by Naked Adults

George Soros reportedly handed over his multi-billion dollar entity to his son Alex earlier this week, who was identified at an event in New York where children were exposed to naked adults doing lewd acts. 

FOX News reported last Monday that Alex Soros has reportedly taken over his father’s business.

Left-wing billionaire, investor and philanthropist George Soros’ reported decision to hand control of his $25 million empire to his son, Alex Soros, has prompted a not-so-subtle jab from one European leader.

“Soros 2.0,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote on Twitter Monday, including a GIF depicting a scene from the movie “The Godfather” in which family patriarch and mafia head Vito Corleone is seen kissing the cheek of son, Michael Corleone.

George was starting to have a hard time doing any more damage to freedom around the world.

George Soros was on 60 minutes years ago from of all places, Ukraine, when he shared that he helped the Nazis steal from Jews in World War II  – he summed up his activities with if he didn’t do it someone else would.

Since 2016 Soros has been behind numerous protests in the US against President Trump.

President Trump was never convicted in the scam Russia collusion investigation because there was no collusion and President Trump did nothing wrong.  But President Trump was harassed and attacked by lies in the media every day of his administration.

After their coup didn’t work, the Deep State manipulated the corrupt media, Big Tech, and the election process to award an uncertifiable election to Joe Biden.  This was the only way they could beat Trump – to steal from him and the American people and show their colors.

Now that President Trump has announced that he will run again in 2024, the corrupt Deep State actors who listen more to George Soros than follow the law, are after President Trump again. Joe Biden created a special counsel to go after President Trump some more. These people running the DOJ are totally corrupt. The Special Counsel on a former President and the top candidate in the 2024 Election is a creep by the name of Jack Smith.

But Smith won’t be listening to George Soros who is now out to lunch and will no longer be destroying freedom in the US – his son will.

Alex Soros will be stepping in where George left off. He is a chip off the old block.  For example, he was spotted at an event to New York where children were subjected to adults who were naked and doing lewd things. 

Yaacov Apelbaum at XRVision shared that Alex Soros attended an event in New York where children were subjected to lewd things performed by naked adults.

On July 27, 2013, children were exposed to full nudity and sexual acts at the Devil’s Heaven, the 20th Annual Watermill Center Event in New York.  Really sick photos leaked from the event.

Children were exposed to nudity and lewd acts.

Alex Soros was there.

Below is the composite of the event from XRVision.

Alex Soros is now behind the Soros billions. 

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