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EXCLUSIVE: A Nose Bleed Helps Tina Peters Switch Attorneys and Move Her Trial to July

Gold Star Mom Tina Peters was allowed to obtain new attorneys and move her trial to July. 

Tina Peters was arrested and indicted for bringing transparency to Colorado elections.  Her story was put into a movie entitled “Selection Code”.

Here is a trailer below:

Tina was supposed to go to trial this week but she ended up having COVID and changing attorneys.

Here is what was reported at the local liberal paper:

A judge Tuesday postponed a criminal trial for former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters after the election denier again switched the team of attorneys defending her against charges related to a 2021 breach of the county’s election system.

The trial was scheduled to begin Friday, but District Court Judge Matthew Barrett rescheduled it for July 29 through Aug. 12.

A Mesa County grand jury indicted Peters in March 2022 on 10 counts, with a trial originally set for March 2023.

Carbondale attorney Michael Edminister is taking over the case from Douglas Richards and other attorneys in the Denver-based Richards Carrington law firm. Edminister filed a motion to replace the other lawyers Monday, with hearings on the request held Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Barrett said Peters’ lawyers cited “irreconcilable differences” with their client as the reason for the latest switch.

Tina has been attacked by numerous entities including individuals who claim to be “Republicans” in Colorado.

Colorado “Republicans” Share Message Disparaging Gold Star Mom and Election Integrity Leader Tina Peters

She has been attacked from many people and entities since standing up for election integrity in the state.

Tina shared with a small group including myself yesterday that there was a meeting with the judge in her case on Monday.  She presented her request to change attorneys and also noted that she had COVID.  The prosecutors were angry and beside themselves.  The judge gave her some options but none were to give her new attorneys time to get acclimated with the case.

The same individuals met yesterday to finalize plans.  Tina was still very sick.  The prosecuting attorneys angrily requested that Tina show herself on the zoom call.  The judge agreed and so Tina showed herself (she was sick and not at her best appearance).

Next the prosecutors demanded that she lift up her head and show her face.  Tina was so sick she was looking down during the meeting.  The judge agreed and asked Tina to lift up her head and show her face.

Tina lifted her head and at that exact same time her nose gushed with blood.  It was a horrendous site.  The judge soon agreed to allow Tina’s attorneys time to get acclimated to the case and a new trial date was set in July.

It was a miracle and a lot of people were praying for Tina.

Now the case moves on and Tina’s faith is stronger than ever.

Keep praying for Tina – a blessed woman who had the courage to do the right thing after the 2020 election.  She never expected to be so attacked for doing it.  


2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: A Nose Bleed Helps Tina Peters Switch Attorneys and Move Her Trial to July”

  1. The only thing Tina did wrong was catch the bad guys red-handed. In America, she would have been lauded as a hero, but in the USSA she’s gulag material.

  2. Yep. Sounds very like an adolescent when Mom finds drugs under their bed. There will be a strong, very passionate argument that Mom is “guilty” for looking under the bed.

    They were “busted” and are screaming “You’re not supposed to look under there!


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