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EVIL OBAMA Threatened Israel’s Netanyahu During Their First Meeting

Obama threatened Israel’s Netanyahu during their first meeting per an individual who spoke with the Israeli leader moments after his meeting with Obama. 

Barack Obama acts like the anti-Christ, especially in his actions towards Israel and the Middle East.

Obama’s policies in the Middle East were madness.  Obama helped Iran and ignored the human abuse of the regime there towards its people.  Obama gave guns to rebels in the Middle East which morphed into ISIS.  And, about everything Obama did went against Israel.

Per Israel Unwired:

Who were the US Presidents who were the most friendly to Israel, and who were the US Presidents that were the most unfriendly to Israel? There is no question that Harry Truman and Donald Trump seemed to be the US President’s who were the most friendly, at least via their policies. But as for the most hostile Presidents to Israel – it was either Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama. This video may just place Obama as the #1 most hostile President to the State of Israel.

According to Michael Oren, an American born former ambassador to the United States, Obama threatened Israeli President Netanyahu during their first meeting in private.  Oren knew what happened because Netanyahu told him.


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 Obama has always been about the destruction of the US and Israel.  This comes as no surprise. 

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