Soros-Backed Bragg Demands Melania Trump’s Emails | Joe Hoft


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Soros-Backed Bragg Demands Melania Trump’s Emails

Fascist and Communist Soros-backed New York Attorney Bragg escalates the Biden government’s crimes against President Trump and subpoenas Melania Trump’s emails. 

The takeover of the United States will continue.  The fascist communists running the Department of Justice and its satellite operations in New York will continue their attacks on President Trump.

Now they are going after President Trump’s wife and their marriage. 

OK Magazine writes:

Since the legal woes have been exposed, Melania has been laying low and trying to keep out of the spotlight — however, she might not have that option anymore.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former advisor to the First Lady, wrote on Twitter, “Melania Trump used several email addresses, texts, and Signal to communicate with me and others while working in the White House and prosecutors want to see them.”

Bragg’s case is complete BS but that doesn’t matter to Soros-backed communists.  It’s about the destruction of America.  President and Melania Trump are mere symbols. 

“I Never Would Have Identified These…in Any Audit…It’s Lunacy at Best.  It’s an Imaginary Crime.” – TGP’s Joe Hoft with Ed Henry and Karyn Turk Discussing the Bragg Indictment on American Sunrise

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