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Evidence Twitter Sensation Erica Marsh Is a Fake

This past week, Twitter sensation Erica Marsh was taken off of Twitter.  The account became famous for a number of tweets that the left loved and the right made fun of.  This peaked with her comments on affirmative action.

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Soon after this series of tweets, the account was taken down.  Daily Mail reported:

A viral liberal Twitter account run by ‘Erica Marsh’ – a blonde, former Obama staffer – has been suspended after complaints that it was a fake, devised to ‘rage bait’ and stoke division.

The account amassed 130,000 followers and would routinely put itself at the center of angry, political debates.

Its puppeteer, declaring themselves a ‘proud Democrat in Washington, regularly asked for diehard Democrats to share their support and silence ‘MAGA’.

We now have evidence that the account was indeed fake.  XRVision reviewed the account and claims that the photos of Erica Marsh on the Twitter account under her name were generated using a live model and an artificial neural network.  Variations of hair, piercings and more were used to create the images.

The account appears to be connected to a character by the name of Erica Marsh that was performed by Katherine Bailess for ten years ending in 2013 on the TV Show “One Tree Hill”.

Here is the full composite from XRVision.




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