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Evidence that Corrupt Nazi-Helper in WWII George Soros Is Running the Biden/Obama Gang

The world according to evil.  The corrupt US FBI, the corrupt Brazilian Supreme Court, and corrupt Nazi-helper in WWII – George Soros – are working together to censor Brazilian citizens. 

Actually this doesn’t surprise anyone.

The corrupt US DOJ is assisting the communist monsters running the Brazilian Supreme Court’s special police to censor and imprison those who stand up against the communist regime that took over Brazil.  The corrupt Nazi-sympathizer George Soros is funding the operation.

A report coming out of Brazil confirms this is the case:

The U.S. government’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), George Soros, and the Supreme Court of Brazil claim to be defenders of free speech and democracy. The mission of the FBI is to uphold the U.S. Constitution, whose First Amendment prohibits government limits on freedom of speech. Soros, and his son Alex, who runs his philanthropic foundation, claim to want “open societies,” where people are free to express their views. And the Supreme Court of Brazil claims to uphold the Brazilian Constitution’s commitment to freedom of expression.

But now, a months-long investigation reveals that: the FBI has helped Brazil censor its citizens; the Soroses’ “Open Society Foundation” is spending heavily to promote censorship in Brazil; and Brazil has a secret judicial police force that exists specifically to spy upon and censor people deemed to be spreading false information. Together, the FBI, the Soroses, and the Supreme Court of Brazil are engaged in a direct assault on the free speech protections of both the Brazilian and U.S. Constitutions.

The FBI, Soros Foundations, and the Brazilian government all declined to be interviewed for this piece. And there are key elements of the Brazilian government’s censorship efforts that we do not understand.

But nobody doubts that the Brazilian government is engaged in mass censorship. Indeed, the censorship by Brazil’s Supreme Court is so extreme that even newspapers like the New York Times, which promotes US government censorship, have expressed outrage at the Supreme Court’s willingness to imprison journalists and podcasts, including “the Joe Rogan of Brazil.”

And now, our research makes clear that there is indeed a Brazilian Censorship-Industrial Complex, one which the U.S. government has advised and which the Open Society Foundations, along with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, are financing. This Censorship Industrial Complex even includes an NGO similar to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which pressures corporate advertisers not to advertise on social media networks unless they censor more.

This proves that the Soros gang is hell-bent on running the world one country at a time.  The US FBI, a government agency, has no business being involved in such an operation.  But this is Biden’s America.

Is this more proof that the Biden regime and Obama are being run by Nazi-helper George Soros?  Why was he allowed into this country?


3 thoughts on “Evidence that Corrupt Nazi-Helper in WWII George Soros Is Running the Biden/Obama Gang”

  1. Soros has long thought that he was a god. He makes that statement in his autobiography. He is involved in so much more than Brazil, it would take an entire book to explain. I recommend The Man Behind the Curtain by Matt Palumbo.

    • The best part is he won’t be alive to fulfill his dreams. Alex is now the one to focus on. Too bad he’s not a son to be proud of, you know, like Hunter.

  2. Way to make a first edition! Soros is the root of the world’s problems but you are the first to print/say it. We’ve all known this but if you can’t vocalize it, nothing will ever change. Pierre Omidyar has been very active in Europe in silencing the masses. Omidyar is the NWO chief of silence. Soro’s right hand man.


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