EPIC INTERVIEW: Gordan Chang Warns of Chinese Crossing Southern Border “We’re Certainly Not Safe” | Joe Hoft


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EPIC INTERVIEW: Gordan Chang Warns of Chinese Crossing Southern Border “We’re Certainly Not Safe”

China expert Gordan Chang underlined the many failures of the Biden Administration with China in an epic interview at The Joe Hoft Show. 

Gordan Chang joined the Joe Hoft Show just days after joining Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

Biden’s Policies with China Are Either Corrupt or Ignorant – Either Way They’re Dangerous

In today’s interview Chang warns of an impending war with China in Asia.  China is terrorizing Taiwan, the Philippines and all the countries in Southeast Asia.

This past week Biden’s Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen bowed to a Chinese official on her trip to China.  This was a sign of weakness and came on the same day that CCP leader President Xi was urging on his troops about a potential war on the horizon.

Chang notes that Biden’s failure in Afghanistan led to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  Biden then warned China about not getting involved, but like appeasers from the past, Biden was quickly ignored.  China has been helping Russia from the start.

Biden has allowed China to build facilities in Cuba which puts America at great risk.  Now Chinese of military age are crossing the Southern border into the US.

Chang shares at the 19:00 mark:

In this group are some very, very suspicious elements.  There are packs of males, between 5 and 15 [men per group], who are military age, unattached to family groups.  They are pretending not to speak English.  Some of them are actually performing Chinese military rituals and border patrol knows of known links of some of these individuals to the Chinese military.  Now they’re being released along with everybody else into the United States.

There doesn’t appear to be any tracking of these individuals and they certainly look like saboteurs…

…I believe that on the first day of a war in Asia they are going to be attacking the United States…

…What we’re talking about here is potential saboteurs and we’re not tracking them at all…

We’re certainly not safe because these individuals could blow up power stations, poison reservoirs,  assassinate officials, detonate bombs at shopping centers to create terror, release pathogens, God knows what else…

This is madness.

Listen to the excellent interview starting at the 17-minute mark in the file below:

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