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England and France Have Fallen

Without firing a shot, radical liberals and Islamists have taken over two of the greatest nations in history. 

Never let your guard down.  Never allow radicals to run your government.  Never allow the invasion of other nations into your nation.

Yesterday, France was conquered.

The far-left and the Islamists are setting Paris afire after winning the elections last night.

The Olympics are days away and the city is waking up to a mess left by the leftists and radical Islamists who tore it up last night.

The big losers in the election last night are the people of France, the conservatives who want to save their country, and the Jews in France.  Macron turned France over the to radical antisemite’s rather than give the win to conservatives who want to save France.

Only two years ago French President Emmanuel Macron received the unreserved endorsement of major Jewish community groups, which regarded his centrist policies and party as the best available bulwark against political radicalism.

But now, many French Jews feel betrayed by Macron, who last week announced snap parliamentary elections that backfired and boosted the far right. And then following his party’s trouncing in the first stage of the elections on Sunday, he proceeded to implicitly endorse a party with a far-left antisemitism problem to counteract the nationalists’ ascent.

Macron, who will remain president regardless of the parliamentary electoral results, “just endorsed a party controlled by pro-Hamas” forces, Yohann Taieb, a French-Jewish journalist, wrote on X on Monday. The Jewish groups that endorsed him were “being taken for a ride,” Taieb added.

his sentiment, shared by many French Jews, stems from a series of unusual choices by Macron throughout one of the most tumultuous political episodes in France’s recent history.

It began with the European Parliament elections of June 9, in which the far-right National Rally party of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella won the largest share of the vote (32%). In a move that stunned the nation, Macron declared an early election to the French parliament to curb the far right’s ascent by uniting its rivals behind his centrist Renaissance party.

This tactic is failing spectacularly in the local parliamentary elections, whose first round was held Sunday and whose second and final one is scheduled for July 7. Not only did the far right secure a whopping 34% in Sunday’s snap elections, but Macron’s party also lost its claim to be the main alternative to the far right.

That distinction went to the New Popular Front, a coalition that was hastily established for the elections through a union between the center-left Socialist Party and the far-left France Unbowed party, or LFI, of Jean-Luc Melenchon, a communist who many French Jews claim is an antisemite. The New Popular Front received 28% of the vote in the parliamentary elections, leaving Macron’s party in distant third place with only 20%.

This alliance means that in many constituencies, both far-right and far-left politicians will be arriving at the second round of the parliamentary elections with better prospects of winning than those of the ruling party’s candidate. In some constituencies, that party failed to make it to the second round altogether as it did not pass the 12.5% threshold.

Earlier in the week, the far-left party in Britain won their elections.

Britain’s next prime minister is a human rights lawyer who once called for the British monarchy to be abolished, but years later knelt before Charles, then prince of Wales, to be knighted.

He was also rumored to be the 1990s inspiration for a brooding heartthrob character in the Bridget Jones movies. More recently, he took a knee in support of Black Lives Matter.

Keir Starmer, 61, is a social liberal, fiscal moderate and leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, which official results Friday showed had won a parliamentary election by a landslide. He’s been a member of parliament since 2015, and leader of the opposition — Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s main rival — since 2020.

Starmer is the first Labour leader to win a U.K. general election in nearly 20 years, since Tony Blair in 2005. Over the past century, Labour has been in the opposition much more than in power.

But after 14 years of Conservative Party rule, several of them tumultuous — from Brexit, to Boris Johnson, to the economic instability of his successor Liz Truss — Starmer benefited from the ruling party’s perceived missteps.

Starmer promises to restore competency to government, nationalize some railways and utility companies, raise the minimum wage, tax private school tuition, improve the public health system and offer free breakfast in public elementary schools.

God save this world.

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