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Election News from Wisconsin – Some Good and Some Not So Good

Election News from Wisconsin – Some Good and Some Not So Good

Guest post from Jefferson Davis

Here are three election items coming out of Wisconsin.

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Courts Refuses to Hear Progressive Lawsuit to Redraw Congressional Maps in Wisconsin

In a stunning move on Friday, March 1st, the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court (WSC) declined to hear a lawsuit from national liberal and progressive democrat operatives that would have redrawn the Congressional Maps in Wisconsin for the 2024 Election Cycle.

Republican Legislative Leadership as promised, successfully argued on behalf of election integrity supporters across Wisconsin that it is unconstitutional for the WSC to redraw the Congressional Maps in direct violation of the Apportionment Clause of the Wisconsin State Constitution, Article IV, Section 3 (click hereWisconsin Constitution Article IV § 3 – Apportionment. :: Wisconsin Constitution :: Justia).

Wisconsin’s current Congressional Representation is 6-2 in favor of Republicans.  Wisconsin lost a Congressional Seat after the 2000 Federal Census due to population trends.

Surprisingly, the WSC isn’t hearing the case just after they apparently chose to overstep their constitutional authority by blurring the lines of the Separation of Powers Doctrine by throwing the State of Wisconsin into chaos with their ordering of new Legislative Maps for the Assembly and Senate in time for the 2024 Election Cycle (click hereWisconsin Supreme Court orders new legislative maps for 2024 – Wisconsin Watch).

The Assembly (64-35 Republican) and Senate (22-10, 1 open seat) will undoubtably swing over to democrat control with the new Legislative Maps ordered by the very liberal WSC that were signed by the Governor’s Office on February 19th (click hereEXCLUSIVE: Democrats Seize Control Of Wisconsin Legislature Under Most Maps, Despite Media Narrative (wisconsinrightnow.com)).

The general consensus amongst liberals was, “If we can so easily, quickly and painlessly get the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court to legislate from the bench on the Legislative Maps, why not go for the homerun on the Congressional Maps while we’re at it to change the makeup of the Congressional Delegation to democrat control like they’re going to with the Assembly and Senate?”

The main takeaways from WSC’s refusal to hear the case are as follows:

  • Unsigned order, which typically means the Justices felt it wasn’t worth their time to write an opinion or register a dissent.
  • No reason stated for not taking the case.
  • Of course, liberal and progressive Attorney Mark Elias was involved in this case like he is with so many other baseless election integrity lawsuits designed to muck up the process, bleed resources dry and to disengage the public and local election officials from participating in their constitutional representative republic process that was mastered in the 2020 Presidential Election (click here – https://today.westlaw.com/Document/I4a3f55e05d0011eb9d87ea0761773dc2/View/FullText.html?transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default)&VR=3.0&RS=cblt1.0 ).
  • The Governor’s Office wanted WSC to take up this case.
  • In a shocking move, and with perhaps a telltale sign that something else is brewing regarding the Legislative Maps signed by the Governor’s Office two weeks ago, Justice Protasiewicz did not participate in the matter on March 1st.  Protasiewicz, of course, made her 2023 Campaign Platform on redrawing the Legislative Maps because they were in her mind, “unfair”, “rigged”, “unconstitutional” and “gerrymandered”.  Protasiewicz received tens of millions of dollars for her campaign from many of the affiliated groups that petitioned the WSC on August 2, 2023, to redraw the Legislative Maps, a day after Protasiewicz was sworn into Office.  By not recusing herself from ordering new Legislative Maps, Protasiewicz voluntarily poured herself into what has become her alleged violation of the “Due Process Clause” of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution and the Massey v. Caperton Case (click here – Caperton v. Massey | Brennan Center for Justice).
  • Justice Ziegler and Bradley opined something to the effect of, “…it’s just a matter of time before the liberal WSC Justices advance another election integrity takeover that clearly intends to inflict damage on the independence and integrity of the Court.”

Action Plan…

Please consider contacting your State Representative and State Senator to say “thank you” for arguing on our behalf in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to stop the continued attacks on the integrity of our elections from very dark outside forces (click here – Assembly – 2023 Wisconsin State Representatives and Senate – 2023 Wisconsin State Senators).

Republican Leaders Appeal Liberal Dane County Circuit Court Judge’s Lifetime Appointment of Fired Administrator of Elections Meagan Wolfe

As promised and on behalf of election integrity supporters all across Wisconsin, the Republican Leadership in the Assembly and Senate appealed the lifetime appointment of Meagan Wolfe as Administrator of Elections by a liberal Dane County Circuit Court Judge (click hereRepublicans plan to appeal court order blocking their attempts to remove top election official – WPR).

The Appeal was filed a week ago in the conservative 2nd District Court of Appeals, which is one of 4 District Court of Appeals in Wisconsin (click hereWisconsin Court System – Court of Appeals (wicourts.gov)).  A three-judge panel will hear the appeal and the Case Number is: 2024AP000351 – click here – Case Details for 2024AP000351 in Dane County (wicourts.gov).  A simple majority (2-1) is needed to override the liberal Dane County Circuit Court Judge’s lifetime appointment.  A further appeal to the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court is likely if the 2nd District Court of Appeals overrides the liberal Dane County Circuit Court Judge’s lifetime appointment of fired Administrator of Elections, Meagan Wolfe.

As you know from following this story so closely over the last 4 years, Meagan Wolfe and the democrats have been the center of endless controversy when it comes to the questionable, unethical and perhaps illegal administration of elections.

The Wisconsin Republican Controlled State Senate fired Meagan Wolfe on September 14, 2023, under Senate Rule 22, by accepting the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection to refuse the unanimous recommendation of the Wisconsin Election Commission on June 27, 2023, which appointed Meagan Wolfe to a new 4-year term to expire on June 30, 2027.

AG Kaul, within minutes of the firing, became Meagan Wolfe’s personal attorney at taxpayer expense and sued the Senate the same day in liberal Dane County Circuit Court to secure a lifetime appointment of the fired Administrator of Elections openly and defiantly violating State Statute 15.61 (click here – Wisconsin Statutes § 15.61 (2019) — Elections commission; creation. :: 2019 Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations :: US Codes and Statutes :: US Law :: Justia).

While there are some that want to constantly criticize, find fault, second guess and demand immediate action on removing Meagan Wolfe, the process right now is what it is.  We will continue, when asked, to work within the system on a measured, disciplined and balanced manner to encourage and support movement in accomplishing the selection of a new Administrator of Elections in time for the 2024 Election Cycle.  Please remember, Wisconsin did not have an Administrator of Elections for the 2016 Presidential Elections and Wisconsin’s outstanding 1,852 Clerks did a flawless and seamless job of administering that election.

Many successful lawsuits, Legislative action and good ‘ole fashion hard work has plugged many of the exposed loopholes from 2020 in time for the 2024 election cycle (See attached Successes for Election Integrity).

We only go to court to enforce the law while it seems others go to court to work around the law.

Action Plan…

Please attend Court Hearings involving this Case to show the 3-judge panel that Wisconsin is serious about the integrity for administering elections in a legal and ethical manner.  We will let you know the date, time and location for the 2nd District Court of Appeals.

City of Milwaukee Assistant Elections Director Goes to Trial March 18th

Fired City of Milwaukee Assistant Elections Director, Kimberly Zapata, will stand for a jury trial in Milwaukee County on Monday, March 18th, Milwaukee County Safety Building, 821 W. State Street, Milwaukee, 9:30 A.M., Room 313 (click here – Trial set for ex-Milwaukee election official in absentee ballot case (jsonline.com)).  The Case Number is: 2022-CF-004307 – click here – 2022CF004307 Case Details in Milwaukee County (wicourts.gov).

As you know, Assistant Director of Elections Zapata was found to have broken the law for the 2022 election cycle by creating 3 fictitious registered electors and requested absentee ballots for them from 3 different communities in southeast Wisconsin (click hereFormer Milwaukee election official charged with election fraud, misconduct in public office – WPR).

Here are the main takeaways for the jury trial of Kimberly Zapata:

  • The Wisconsin Elections Commission WisVote and MyVote links were easily breached by Zapata.
  • A non-existent human being(s) was created out of thin air by Zapata to be registered to vote, procure an absentee ballot request and have the absentee ballot actually sent from 3 separate local Clerks in South Milwaukee, Shorewood and Menomonee Falls under the guise of being a military enlisted soldier.  Rep. Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) also received the actual absentee ballots.  These communities will testify at the jury trial along with Zapata’s immediate supervisor, City of Milwaukee Elections Director, Claire Woodall.
  • Zapata refused a plea bargain agreement that would have resulted in a conviction of misconduct in public office (36-month probation) and making a false statement to investigators along with 2 other charges being dropped.  If terms of the probation were violated, an 18-month prison term would have been invoked with an extra 18-months of probation.
  • A jury trial conviction may land Zapata in prison for up to 3 1/2 years.

Action Plan…

Please plan on attending this jury trial on March 18th for Kimberely Zapata to show the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge and Wisconsin that elections administered with integrity matter.

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  1. Thanks for the update and good news. Continued to send emails to my State Senator and State Representative. Had responses from my State Senator but the Representative would not respond in the end. Now, As of February 19th, I have new representation due to 2023 Act 94 redistricting act. Two more goals: rid Assembly leadership of Rockin’ Robin Voss and the wolf in wolves clothing Megan Wolfe.

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