DURHAM REPORT: Observation #7 – What Were Mueller and Weissmann Looking at for Two Years? | Joe Hoft


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DURHAM REPORT: Observation #7 – What Were Mueller and Weissmann Looking at for Two Years?

Weissmann and Mueller moved forward with the Russia Collusion lie for two years and yet they knew there was nothing to the entire sham.  This was a coup. 

The one thing that wasn’t addressed by the Durham special counsel is what were Weissmann and Mueller doing for two years.  The Russia collusion story was a ruse and they knew it.  So what were they doing?

The Conservative Treehouse makes this point.

Durham specifically, and with great intent, says he did not look at what Mueller and Weissmann were doing; even though, Durham destroyed any predication that might have given merit to the intention of their special counsel existence.

Durham writes a 316-page report, meticulously detailing the false construct of the Trump-Russia narrative.  Yet for some reason, the Mueller/Weissmann investigation, an entire special counsel investigation that was predicated and justified by that false Trump-Russia narrative, never found the same evidence?

Durham never looked at it.  Why? Because he knew Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann were installed to cover up the original fabrications by the CIA, FBI, DOJ and U.S. intelligence apparatus.  Mueller’s probe existed in material fact to hide the Obama weaponization to target Donald Trump.   Durham knew this; that’s why he never touched it.

Durham and Weissmann knew this.  This is why Mueller kept saying in his interview in front of the House – “Not in my purview.”

Bill Barr is to blame for giving his good buddy Mueller that escape route.

Weissmann will be Weissmann.  The most corrupt prosecutor in US history was on the Mainstream media giant MSNBC pushing garbage propaganda on Monday after the Durham report came out.

“There was just this real lack of substance to what [Durham] was doing and when you have the I.G. already doing an investigation talk about like a total, you know, you want to talk about a witch hunt or sort of real wasted resources, you know, there are a lot of things to investigate and there a lot of things that can be useful in government. If John Durham was really just doing an investigation to talk about what are better policies and practices that the FBI could have and was depoliticizing it, I would have been all for that and said ‘great!’ There’s no agency that can’t use greater scrutiny.”

“What you have with John Durham is a big fat nothing, and it reminds me sort of, of the weaponization hearings that are going on, where they’re also, they’re falling flat on there face, because there is no ‘there, there’,” he continued.


The Deep State is still in charge. 

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